Thursday, May 26, 2005

Opening Entry: The Purpose of this "Blog"

The prime purpose of me creating this space on Blogspot is to keep everyone informed of my current plans and actions-- and what country I'm currently in and why. You see, this past year has been a rollercoaster of decisions, vocations and random income. It came down to the point, where I forgot to tell my friends that I had to go to Temecula, CA for a week. My mom suggested, in humor, that I print a newsletter, so I gave in to the blogging craze and decided to start posting a frequent newsletter. This is strictly a newsletter of my latest crazy serial entrepreneurial ideas, including my journey pursuing them all. Go ahead and take an idea, I dare you to beat me to the punch. While you're on a plane to LA with my gadgets, don't forget to log in, because I'll be picking you up at the airport, patent in one hand, and a ticket back to your hometown in the other. This entry will not contain any current ventures, since it's the official opening. I may have to begin the newsletter entries by catching everyone up on why I'm making the current decisions that I am, but I will leave you all with this. I'm moving to Boston. Surprise. Until next time, cheers.