Wednesday, June 01, 2005

History Lesson

This brief history lesson will help you all understand why I'm moving to Boston. After graduation, I vowed that I would never move to my parents' home in fear that I would live there forever. So I set out on Philadelphia's business turf to look for a job. I had become very interested in copywriting for advertising firms, so I spent my last term in school putting a portfolio together for school credit. I soon found out that finding even a janitorial job at any of the Ad firms in Philly was highly competitive. I found a pattern in the work that WAS offered to me. I was offered contract writing work from many places, who didn't want to hire me full time, so I decided on the spot that I would become a freelance writer. In the winter of 2005, I fell into a writing gig with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. This was a $70,000 project that lasted a guaranteed three months, and I loved every minute of it. I found a secret love for pharmaceutical writing and I got paid a lot. I was so confident that I was hired permanently that I stopped networking (lesson one kids.) Sure enough, when three months went by, and we were over budget, they threw out the writer. Any aspiring business writers out there, here is a valuable lesson. Businesses think that they hire writers because they are too busy to write rather than they can't write (usually the case). So I went back out to network, and I met some hardcore freelancers who inspired me to keep working. "If I can't afford to buy food, then I won't eat, then I get motivated to work harder." This quote alone, made me motivated enough to get some writing work for websites. It was very convenient, because as soon as I put in the effort again, people came from nowhere asking if I still offered writing services. I made just enough to be content as a writer. On my free time, I entered essay writing contests, and networked until I wore myself down. The advertising business was rapidly going down the aquaduct, so I had to take a step back and re-evaluate what I wanted to do. First and foremost, I decided that I didn't want to still be a freelance writer in Philly, ten years from now. Boston maybe, LA for sure, but not Philadelphia.
Next entry will continue my voyage upon my decision, and then I can tell you all about my "current" future plans. cheers!