Sunday, July 31, 2005

A handful of opportunties and yet no where to go

It has been a long and eventful week full of planning and preparation. However, I haven't advanced in life at all this week-- similar to college life. I began this week with the soarness of the triathlon, which I only finished, placing higher from the bottom up. At the last minute, my surf clinic plans were cancelled due to the last minute freak out of how much energy this triathlon thing would take. I have also pondered very modern philosophies. This particular one revolved around the film, Chinatown. When the cameraman is viewing the forbidden couple from behind the bushes, we see the couple from the camera lens. The image is right side up, but it should be upside down. Then I thought of our eye sight process which corrects this in our minds. The image is flipped somehow when it goes through the pinhole of the camera or our pupil. Our brains flips it back so we're not looking upside down all the time. BUT, what if what we see is right side up and our brain is making us look upside down all the time? This is not a philosophy, but rather a silly thought that often hits an avid reader's mind.

As for the windsurfing update, I've perfected my deep water beach start, one step closer toward the waterstart, and I sold my "slip" techno, the transitional board that I never needed, and I bought a one hundred liter custom ASD. This board is a sinker in light winds, but I love it to bits. It's almost new, but I got it for $250, because it was on consignment. Sweet. The kiteboard I won in the raffle came in the mail the other day, and it's gorgeous. It's too bad that I'm not ready to try kitesurfing yet, so it's for sale in the classified section of I usually don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but these guys gave away this board at a windsurfing event, so they shouldn't expect anything less from me. The woman from Baha, as I like to call her, has now narrowed the job applicants to two, me and some other hopeful, who I am dying to meet. Baha woman asked me for another reference-- one from the women's clinic. I feel like I keep feeding her all this information and she knows she wants to pick me, but she senses my fear and she wonders why I am fearing. She is thinking, there must be something wrong with her, I need an excuse to dismiss her from the list. I really want to find the other applicant. I'm not sure which of the two approaches I'll use to greet her, when I do. The first approach is friendship. We are both in the running and there's no reason why she's not as anxious as me. I would develop a support group for the both of us. The second approach would be a conspiracy to find her a bigger and better opportunity. I could hire an underwear model to lure her somewhere else. It would work for me.

A new adventure has arrived on schedule. One of the members of Community Boating has asked me to help shuttle a 65 foot boat from Boston to Florida Keys in late August. In return for this weeklong adventure that I would pay to do, I will receive $1500 dollars and a paid flight back to Boston. The end of the summer is looking bright. I have possible writing contracts at both Boston Scientific and GoLookInside and my manic mind is spinning with opportunity.