Saturday, August 20, 2005

And the dreams came crashing down

You must always trust that the reliable source can make the most unreliable mistake. Bob Marley once said "Only your best friend knows your secrets, so only he can reveal it." I have counted on so many sources that when every plan fell through, I ended up jobless in a week with no money. But the lesson to be learned here is to bounce back with more creativity and more job applications. This week was a rough one. I received a kind yet heartbreaking dismissal of my Baja job. During the course of this month this random woman called me from Las Vegas offering me a writing job. As soon as I let her know I was interested, she started second guessing me and later informed me that I no longer qualify. This particular instance felt like the moment where your friend calls you and her first line is, "I can't talk long." Why Las Vegas called me in the first place is beyond me. After the multi-letdown instances I was somehow still riding high, so I entered an essay writing contest to win tickets to the Rolling Stones at Fenway Park. I lost. I need to get in touch with the Boston Scientific contact. My immediate contact is on maternity leave, which makes it very hard to connect, but I will. After all of this disappointment, I came across even more. The 65 footer that cost the owner over 300 grand is somehow not worth replacing the GPS system, so our adventurous trip during hurricane season is shot. However, I am happy to say that I have bounced back despite the hardships. I went surfing last friday and dropped by Sailworld and bought some awesome gear. It also turns out that Brian's Windsurfing in Hood River, Oregon, needs an instructor for the last week of their season, which is the week after our last week. Hmm. Looks like I'm going to Oregon. It's just for a week, but the instructor over the phone said that I remind him of this woman who is training to race in the olympics. He's a sweet talker. I have suddenly been flooded with visions. I want to make windsurfing so popular that it gets high ratings on national television. I also want to see freestyle be an olympic sport. I also want all of you non-windsurfers to know what I'm talking about when I say freestyle, gecko, ezzy loop, vulcan and the Moreno twins. I'm using this week of disappointment and I'm channeling this anger toward applying to as many jobs as I can. I'm also creating some freestyle tricks of my own, and even though I can't do most of the existing one's, I still want to be on the Roxy team and get free stuff.
When I am in despair, it takes about a day of doing nothing to jump back on my feet. Here are some inventions I have thought of while sitting on my dairy eire...
-Imagine a television, where every color pixel is physically retractable. Designed like a robotics toy, the broadcaster simply types in how far each pixel extends, which is then broadcasting to every participating television showing you just how pregnant Kelly Ripa is, or how long Adrian Brody's nose is. On the corners of every pixel is the proper color tone.
Some freestyle tricks that have never been done: a floater on a wave, a wacky kid flip, a hopping gecko, double loops, jumping from a rail ride.
Something that helped me keep going. Some kid asked me an obscure question that I somehow knew. From that he thought I was smart and said, " That's right, you went to Drexel." This gave me the boost I needed. I'm going to apply to every West coast resort I can find. Cheers.