Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I've never been there, but I know the way. You can just visit, but I plan to stay.

This past week marked my last time working at Community Boating, the boathouse on the Charles River. I have retired there, and I hope to surprise my accountant with an unusual tax deduction stating that I worked my ass off. Over the course of the season, I have completely transcended my goals from writing oriented to windsurfing. A single post on the classified section of iwindsurf.com sparked a vast interest that currently has me wrapped in travel far more than the likes of crappy baja, which I understand only has composted toilets. I opened my first email and found a message from Hood River, Oregon. It turns out that there was only one frosty week left in their season, but because I wanted to visit the windsurfing capital of the nation, I bought a two-way ticket to Portland (brrr.) At this point I realized that my wrist has been hurting for three months. I had developed tendonitis, and a quick offer to San Francisco led me to cancel my Oregon trip. After checking out the website and the benefits, I really want to take the SF job. They offered to fly me out there, but because I'm a dumbass, I insisted on flying myself. The conversations I had with the two owners was team/ family like. They really stressed that they wanted me to improve my skills, so I can teach more. The best part of this job... from November thru April, they are based in Costa Rica. This particular area of CR is very windy all the time. I leave for SF on September 8th for an interview. While attempting to put together this adventure, I received interest from shops in Belize, Maldives, Jordan and Maui. Last time I checked, Jordan was in the Middle East and I made my room mate promise to break my leg when I was drafted, so that was not going to work. The shop in the Maldives asked me if I spoke any other languages other than English, and I said that I took Latin in high school. I have yet to hear from them. The shop in Belize turned out to be one person, who only believed in comission. I don't. This long list came down to Maui. I had an unusually long rap with Mauiman, and apparently I don't know my way around Maui to be a head instructor, so I would have to be an assistant of some sort. I agreed with him, but I want to move to Maui, so I convinced him that I was worth the trouble. When I get back from SF, I have to remember to fill him in.

On the flip side, I'm still attempting to write once in a while. I officially started my vocation as copywriter of GoLookInside. My job description is to edit scripts for streaming video commercials. The minor glitch is that the company hasn't acquired enough work for everyone, so I've spent the last two days waiting for work. Since this new job is a work from home process, I can assure you that I've found other things to do. Hopefully, someone will find me something to do soon, because this week's inventions/philosophies are absurd.

So supposedly there is this theory that the movement of plates have caused the Pangaea to spread out into seven continents. Have you ever thought that the earth's hot inner core has expanded over time, causing the single continent to separate? Don't hot things expand, and don't they explode when contained in cold objects? Isn't that called a volcano. So forget about plates, because I have it all figured out. The earth is exploding slowly. Gravity holds it together well, but not well enough. There isn't enough pull. If there was enough, then tell me why these "plates" are shifting and causing volcanoes. Gravity is fucking weak. If a feather can beat gravity, so can the earth... just an idea. Until next time, let me leave you with a Robert Louis Stevenson quote. (I've been reading again) Cheers.

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move; to feel the needs and hitches of our life more nearly; to come down off this feather-bed of civilization, and find the globe granite underfoot andstrewn with cutting flints."