Sunday, September 18, 2005

Special Segment: IPod Technology

I thought it would important to document all of the business ideas I have, because they are often forgotten long before my next post. This is also an attempt to post more frequently. I took a peek at random blogs and realized I am lacking posts and pictures. Although the G-lines are designed for the more advanced reader who doesn't want to be vented at, I figured I should still push the press for a weekly publication, at least.

There's a market for IPod technology. Bluetooth exists and IPods exist. I suggest we bluetooth IPods. I am not a fan of wires, so with bluetooth technology, you can just throw your IPod in your bag and look like every other business man on the street, except you'll be rocking to your favorite tunes, while the others are working. Just think of the impact that bluetooth can have on the IPod. I want to expand bluetooth, so that these new IPods can project at a much farther distance. So you can share earpieces with the soccer team and go on team jogs listening to the same music. It's just like carrying a boombox, except it doesn't get heavy after a while.

While we're on the topic, I also think that we should be able to link IPods together in a way that we can share music with each other. I understand that it is possible to share music files online, but the option to plug in the cable is there, and the technology is available. Nintendo came up with a connecting system, so two gameboys can play each other. This shows that you can build a computer that small to make a similar option for two devices. Someone had suggested to me that IPod purposely doesn't make this, because they want us to buy music rather than take it from our friends. That's okay, I don't plan on being an Apple distributor. The cables will just happen to fit IPods and be possibly illegal.

I have to stop this segment early, but keep on trucking and stay tuned for frequent posts, pictures and a possible conversation about an Animal Planet Show on an urban setting. Cheers.