Monday, September 26, 2005

The college interview question that I finally answered

The question that everyone wants to answer their senior year of high school is "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" We initially apply for pre-med and pre-law programs for the sincere purpose of unearned money and free stuff. Since my senior year, I've changing my majors five times, and the spoke landed on Dramatic Writing the day school started. One by one, I picked up hobbies, hoping that they could be possible vocations. A recent engagement for my close friend led me to finally ask myself, "Where do I see myself in ten years?" And I finally had an answer. I saw myself as a copywriter for a modest aggressive ad firm. Although, the 60 hour flourescent dimming office week would have me buckled for stretching my arms past my armspan, I still imagine a hint of freedom. The freedom to move forward past the infrequent paystubs of a freelancer. The freedom of expecting part of my future so I can ask for the unexpected.

I have applied to numerous copywriting positions in both the Los Angeles and the Boston areas. I feel like I need to move to Cali quickly, because I'm a sucker for the New England foliage. Bitter morning frost has already begun to sting the tip of my nose, and the smell of wood stoves that have spoiled themselves with hickory has made me hungry for holiday weight in preparation for hibernation. If I don't move to Los Angeles soon, I will stay to watch the snow chase the leaves to the ground. And I will curse myself, when my socks freeze, and I'm snowed in, and I get a Christmas card from my cousins in the OC wishing me a bright and sunny holiday. What have I done? Why aren't I in Los Angeles already? Well, I've decided to let company offers be the judge of my destiny. As of now, it looks like I'll be spending the winter wondering why there is no home in New England that heats their bathroom efficiently.

Inventions for this week are sparse. Besides the old " build a bio-dome over the entire city of Boston" idea, I can't think of anything. I have two interviews for a copywriting job in Boston, this week. Let's hope I either screw up, or the bio-dome idea sells.