Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The World is Flat

It seems as though strings are being pulled to find me a job. I have three Creative staffing firms from different parts of the country looking for a copywriting position for me. Mr. Metro is from a staffing firm in New York. He told me there is a position open at Saatchi Saatchi. I finally have my portfolio together and some time during this week, I'll be driving to New York for an interview. In the meantime, Mr. Metro is searching for other possible agencies who need a copywriter.

Back in Boston, Hollister Creative Staffing has arranged an interview with me tomorrow morning. They represent some major agencies in Boston. I have rearranged my portfolio ten times and yet they still insist that I just bring in two samples of work. Of course I support them in their "Malcolm Gladwell says that a thirty second hunch means everything" approach, but I have never interpreted the testament of Blink from this perspective before. What if I choose the two worst samples? What if they don't understand that I had to make certain captions too short for comfort?

The Boston Ad Club actually has members, who work for an ad agency, and forums that actually help them out in their field. (That's a joke, because every other Ad Club has salesmen who sell ads. They say they're in advertising, but they know nothing about it)

This is something I've noticed and I'm stressing over whether or not I should mention it during my interview, should I get the chance.

In my anxiety, a creative staffing firm from Las Vegas responded and they are working on finding me a copywriting position in New York or Los Angeles. We'll see.

Aside from the good news of moving forward through the job search process, I have decided not to finish a book, which I have only done in the far past, out of rebellion from past reading issues. Barack Obama's "Dreams from my Father" began with a punch to the chest as you realized how he was raised. Then midway, conveniently called Chicago, the book took a boring turn as he bitched about red tape in the ghetto. Yesterday, I just closed the book and started "The World is Flat," which is a best seller, because Friedman is a good writer, not a politician. I am slightly dissapointed by Obama's writing style, or rather Obama's writers' style, but I will still vote for him should he run for presidency.

It's too cold to think straight, but I am longing to be a creature of habit, so wish me luck on my job interview. Cheers.