Thursday, November 03, 2005

Swipe too slow to proceed!

I had arranged to spend a week in New York to attend three scheduled interviews and so far, the week can be easily summarized in the first phrase I saw when I got off the train. I took my time with my Metro card in an ebbed Boston-like manner, and I was abruptly halted by the iron turnstile, which unkindly said to me, "Swipe too slow to proceed." I immediately fell behind in time and slapped myself for not rushing through the city like a proper New Yorker. My first interview of the week was at Life Brands. The two and a half hour interview consisted of 4 separate interviews. 3 kind people, who assured me that I would learn everything in the agency within a few weeks, and 1 creative director who tore my portfolio apart, and put me on the spot with questions he knew I wouldn't know. I thought interviews were all small talk, and now I have to elaborate? With one strike already, I had to make the rest of the week worth while. I had two interviews today. One was with a creative staffing firm and the other was with Harrison and Star. The creative staffing firm told me that they don't know if I can get a job in advertising, and after I told them all of the firms I had contacted, they let me know that I have officially tapped the New York industry dry. They introduced one company that was a gem, LLNS, which I was excited about because they are an omnicom company. On to the next interview with Harrison and Star!!! H&S is an Omnicom company, and Omnicom heads companies like BBDO and DDB which handle Nike, Pepsi and most Superbowl Ads. One of BBDO's founders is Bruce Banton, which is my hero, and someday I want to be the Creative director for a major account at BBDO. So, anyway, I was really excited to have this interview at Harrison and Star, because this position will spawn a tall ladder. As important as this was to me, it took about 15 minutes of me pitching my portfolio to the HR director, and leaving my portfolio to be reviewed by the Creative director. I know that there is a lesson to be learned regarding the last couple times I left my portfolio at an agency, but this is Harrrison and Star, so for them I made an exception... again, and I pick up my portfolio tomorrow morning at 10AM SHARP. This was emphasized on me, but I bit my tongue, because when it comes to picking up my portfolio, no one is sharper than me. Tomorrow, I have another interview with a brand new company, which was set up on the fly. Naturally, I have never heard of them before, but I plan to hold my head up high and swipe my card a bit faster this time.