Friday, November 11, 2005

You got nothing to lose but your governement shoes

I have applied to so many positions, I'm surprised that I haven't been offered anything yet. There's another interview in New York on Tuesday. I'm thrilled, but I may not go this time. This interview is for another great agency, but I can't stand going to New York and coming back empty-handed. This mood may have been triggered by an email that I got from Blue Dolphin WaterSports, in Puerto Rico. Apparently, every major windsurfing resort in Central America has been tragicly struck by a hurricane, except the Hyatt in Puerto Rico. I have been asked to teach windsurfing and sailing in Puerto Rico. This job includes a paid trip to Long Beach, California, where I will learn how to train instructors. Then I will be flown to Puerto Rico, where a paid apartment is waiting for me. I would start out by training the instructors how to teach windsurfing and sailing, then I would help manage the whole program. I haven't said yes or no yet, but a detailed job offer will be emailed to me by tomorrow. (Take notes, ad agencies.) If this offer breaks the 40K mark, then I'll see you all in Puerto Rico. If it doesn't then I have yet again been sidetracked by my own fantasies of becoming what may never be possible, a pro windsurfer. I am now forced to look for positions in retail. I have a feeling that soon, you will see me at a participating Starbucks. My next post, will be about a past great idea, called JAMAI.