Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gotcha! I still want to rule my destiny.

The Tuesday before I was supposed to travel to Puerto Rico, I reached yet another crossroad. The main reason why I wanted to go to Puerto Rico was because I wanted to reject the life of a boring businessman that my indie counterparts were preaching against. I have that restless drive to be successful, and somehow I thought that if I ran to Puerto Rico, I would fulfill my inner independence from the boring businesslife. But something stopped me from getting on that plane. Part of it may have been chickening out, but most of it was the foreshadow of living an aloof and raucous lifestyle by experiencing this behavior through my surf hands boss who malingered her way of out sending me a contract. Like many in my generation, I don't want to be the loser, who is working with other losers, who hate their job, but they do it anyway. I want to do something that I love to do. And my dirty indie counterparts convinced me that I will never be happy in Corporate America, and my parents and your parents convinced me that I will never truly be happy at work at all. I already knew this wasn't true, because I had already found something fun that people could possibly pay me to do. And conveniently as I was thinking about how much I enjoyed Pharma copywriting, I received a phone call. Not from my raucous waif of a future windsurfing boss, but from the creative staffing agency. FCB wanted a second interview with me. ME. I felt as though big brother had reached through the fence and grabbed me, soul first, and I liked it. This interview was a breeze. I felt like the little genius kid, that everyone was waving whistles and horns at so they could hear me say something clever. It's quite a world away from the daunting fingerpointing, you know shit, interview that I was getting to know so well. I just have to make sure that if/when I do get this job, I don't turn into the character mentioned in the Buju Banton song...

Rich man's wealth is in the city
Destruction of the poor is his poverty
Destruction of his soul, his vanity
Do you hear, I and I want to rule my destiny

Which brings me to that JAMAI thing I've been mentioning intermittently. I saw this film called "Life and Debt," which is roughly about how when Jamaica broke free from England, they also became financially independent and fell into heavy debt. The US saw this country's debt as an opportunity to make money, so they lent Jamaica some money, and in return, Jamaica had to only import from the US and open a few sweat shops that made American products. For a small side note, every hotel resort in Jamaica is owned by one of these "Americans." I had an idea to create a non-profit that will build a hotel resort completely made of Jamaican products. Hopefully, there can eventually be many hotels and the idea is that this resort will create a growing profit that will be greater than Jamaica's growing debt. This profit will go entirely to the Jamaican government, so the debt will be paid off, and those Americans can stop profiting from Jamaica's misfortune in their attempt to be free.