Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I show'em the goods then take it away.

This week has been mostly uneventful. My cocky attitude toward this job offer turned sour as the week rolled by. I got call from the Creative Staffing agency, and I swear they were teasing me, because here I am holding my phone out, gritting my teeth and biting my nails, waiting for this offer from FCB, and I get a call from the staffers saying "Now if FCB offers you a job, you're gonna take it, right? I don't want to push for an offer and then have it blow up in my face." Am I sure that I want a job offer from FCB? Funny thought. I explained kindly that I wouldn't have driven from Boston to New York TWICE for interviews, just for the fun of living, which reminds me. Does anyone want to go to New York with me? I'm driving. I'll be held up in interviews for the entire day and dressing like a monkey in a power suit, and we have to head back on the same day, but hey, wouldn't that be a blast?

So after reassuring the creative staffers that yes, I do want this job offer, I waited. The waiting turned into boredom, which turned into moping. I was a moper for most of today, and then I got a call from the staffers. We settled the offer in 15 minutes, and it was a done deal. I'm moving to New York between this weekend to the middle of next week, and living with my aunt in Yonkers if all goes well. And I really want things to go well this time. FCB is a great company full of young and energetic faces with really creative ideas, meaning these guys can invent a completely new way to convey the same message, given strict pharma company standards.