Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's official. I'm a creative.

I started work on Tuesday, December 13th. It's certainly been a journey up to this point, but I'm in New York now. I'm pretty sure my adventures have just begun. I have a gargantuan list of to dos that I haven't even begun. I need to find an apartment that is close to the city, inexpensive and safe. So far Astoria has had a lot to offer. There have been a few places under 500 per month, it's a family oriented safe, busy neighborhood, and the subway line stops directly under my office, so I wouldn't have to walk outside all day. FCB is located right above the Manhattan Mall, so as soon as I get my "I work here, screw you" pass, I can take the "I work here, screw you" elevator to the mall for shopping, lunch or just for fun. Also included in the "I work here, screw you" pass is access to "I work here, screw you" events on other floors of the building. Until I get this pass, I have to wear my coat to lunch breaks, because I need to use the cold public entrance, as I watch others give shoppers the "I work here, screw you" look. Besides the apartment and gaining the worker pass, I need to join a gym, find a New York hobby, like yoga, kickboxing, screen printing, being an artist or a drummer (musician) and I need to balance my budgets. I really want to get in that pattern of living, commuting, saving and paying. But trust me, the adventure will incur. With a steady income, I can start my t-shirt design line, or have a gallery show with my work, or i can be a drummer for a crappy garage band that plays at a dive bar...we'll see where I end up.