Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blind Luck has always been my forte

When something as fortunate as a job in New York finds me, things do seem to fall together quite well. I never thought I would be so proud that say that I am a current resident of Jersey City... but I am. I move on Monday, and this only leads to one problem, which is finding stuff to move in. I have no furniture and neither does my room mate, but the space bewteen the walls will be partially mine on a month to month basis, so I'm still excited. After hearing that there was an IKEA down the street, I knew that furniture wouldn't be an issue much longer. There's something about IKEA that makes peoples heads turn, and it's not the dollar icecreams. The first IKEA in Massachusetts opened a few weeks ago, and shoppers rushed to the doors without even knowing what IKEA was. The radio stations kept blaring out, "IKEA is coming to Stoughton,(Mass)" and people just got in there cars to try to find it.

Back to things falling into place, I just sold my kiteboard for $300, and after the consignment fees, I'm looking at $275 in my new apartment fund. If I never went to the surf shop in New Hampshire to buy a board bag for my trip to Puerto Rico, I never would have put my kiteboard on consignment. hmmm.

I have all these theories about the iPod, but I didn't even own one until last Sunday. So, I am ecstatic to say that I have officially joined the iPod world, and now when I'm on the subway I can ignore everyone right back. I just have to be careful that I don't break into dance. The iPod world, I've discovered is very intense at first. The week after my friends get iPods, they become instantly anisocial. "I can't Liz, I'm doing iPod stuff." I discovered why this happened. The iPod first acts as a controlled substance. You have it in your palms, and you have the sudden urge to use it, but it's empty. It needs to be filled, so you start filling up your library, but the act of filling up the library makes the urge to hear songs through your own iPod, more severe. It's not enough that you can hear music on a CD or even in the iTunes library. So, you stop feeding music into your iPod, just to verify that it works. You may want to shake it a few times to make sure it really is an mp3 player, and then when you discover you put a bad song in it, you plug it back in to the computer and continue downloading more songs, while you take the bad ones out. Some of my friends were in Podland for two weeks and I asked them where they went. They said, "Oh, I'm anal retentive when it comes to my iPod." This means that they had many mixed CD's that misspelt artist and song names, and often didn't have them at all. I just discovered that I'm anal retentive as well. I am managing my iPod time very well. There is another stage, where anal retentive iPod owners go to Podland, again. This happens when they discovered the "Composers" section of their iPod, and the composers section is always completely messed up. Letters are uppercase and lowercase in no particular order. It is a nightmare for patients with OCD. Luckily, I discovered the composer section early. I don't think this iPod stuff will interfere with work. I have holiday this week. If there is another twelve step program to this iPod stuff, please let me know now.

I really do enjoy working at FCB. Everyone is welcoming and supportive of my current inability to know everything about copywriting. Because of my eagerness to learn, my learning curve has been steep. The creative director has that balance of toughness and finess, and it will be interesting to find out how she reacts to work she likes and dislikes. I went on the intranet and discovered that there is a club called FooteNotes that focuses on charities and other events that both benefit the community and our company. I really want to join, and I have an idea that I want to pursue with the leader of this company. In my spare time, I've walked around studying what people fill their cubicle space with and I discovered that we're called creatives for a very viable reason. The art directors are artists, painters and sketchers, and the copywriters are poets, novelists and screenwriters. I think it would be a great idea to make a literary magazine just for the employees of FCB. It's what they do in their spare time anyway. Why don't we bind it together and share it? This is one of the few ideas I will present to the FooteNote club. The others involve using our connections to create more perks for employees, like external events, better charity events, better discounts, and a better way to create a lively atmosphere in the work place. I'm not dissapointed in the current atmosphere. I actually think it is a very live place. This is why it's the perfect place to work with. It will be easy to improve.

This is the update. I still feel that I can do more. I have ideas that go quickly. I need to carry a notebook wherever I go, like Kurt Vonnegut. He always had some great ideas, and he remembered to write them down. I am thinking of creating another blog. This blog will be fictional, so I'm thinking up a character. The catch is that I can't post the link to this blog. My character would never be associated with me, so it will be up to the public to discover this character. The idea came when I told a friend about my blog, and he said "Why does it have to be non-fiction?"

Ideas: This may be a theory or a movie idea, but what if when you die, you are suddenly stuck in a box with all of the living creatures that you killed? Everything, insects, road kill, whatever else. The movie could be a family that was in a car accident and they see a squirrel running around the cage, and the daughter is like "See Dad, you did hit it." Or the person that's afraid of bees and brings out the RAID every spring. The options are infinite.

Yes, I'm done. Next Time. Pictures. Promise. Cheers.