Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jog your way to Barbell!

My friends and I have an ongoing quest to be our own bosses, so we scheme and dream of opening up a business in the city. I decided to take this to the next level, by developing the idea and seeing if this business is actually viable.

The first idea we colletively came up with was "Barbell," a bar that mixes the hot club and music scene with the LA active lifestyle. This athletic-themed bar will have a tower of windows hovering over the dance floor, with a "go-go dancer" running on a treadmill or lifting weights in each window, which is lit by a bright light of different colors. All go-go dancers on the floor will be working out to the music. Both healthy energy drinks and alcohol will be served. This will be a trend-setting exclusive club that will only let in celebrities and those dressed in fashionable athletic wear. Barbell will later add on a gym that will hold nutrition classes and will promote cardio that club dancing provides. There is a large sub-culture of New Yorkers who are health-nuts and granola, whole food shopping, working out junkies, and so naturally a New York bar needs to open to cater to their needs. I see this bar doing well. It's not as developed as other ideas, but I like the fact that everyone each came up with an idea that helped develop this vision, down to the title.

Ok, I'm going climbing now.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ain't nothing but a G-string

My entrepreneurial endevours have switched gears. All of the slow stuff: getting a client for my company, getting a client for sales graphics etc, is still happening, but my immediate focus has shifted to something else. I'm having a BBQ in a few weeks, and this is the first time, where my friends from high school, college, work, and other, will all meet each other. So the dilemma is making sure that this becomes a harmonious blend, and not a crusade of us vs them. And I plan to control this through many options of food and the PLAYLIST. Food? no problem. Everyone eats, and I don't adjust my diet to who I'm with. I always eat mad healthy, unless I'm in the mood for eating unhealthy. But music is different. I have friends who like only classic rock or hip hop, and I can enjoy all of it, so I need to create a playlist that will make everyone happy for at least a period of time. The title has many connotations, but sadly, has little to do with this entry. This is a short one, but I am busy being apathetic today.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Business clothing line keeps men at play

When I started working, I noticed that men are often just as in-tuned with what they wear as women are. Dressing in a particular suit with particular accessories gives men the confidence to give a better presenation, or become more clever and focused, when meeting with their client. Many times, I've seen my male co-workers with their watch for special occasions and their "Yankees" suit, usually pinstriped, for good luck (remember, I'm in New York.) Although men also have a drive to impress through fashion, they seem to lack their own personal taste. The watch that they save for special occasions looks good, because it looks expensive. They have a preferred power tie, because their wife likes it, and they favor the pinstripe suit, because the Yankees wear pinstripes. We need to encourage the everyday working (straight) male to be able to pick and choose clothing based on their preferences, which will give them a sense of style and identity.

So, in order to introduce style to men, and have them keep wearing their nice suits, when they come home after work, I've decided to come up with my own clothing line. These suits introduce the common interest of sports to fashion.

My idea is to take a decent suit and line the inside with either jersey backs, or a sheek design that subtley encompases the favored sports team logo. And embroidered in the same color as the suit on the right breast will be the team logo. Now this embroider is going to be very subtle, almost like a watermark. I think a subtle sports themed blazer with comfortable double-lined suit pants would make men feel proud to wear their suit and show off their team colors, without looking sloppy.

And to push this a little further, have you noticed that when insane sports fans go to games, they always are wearing sweats and t-shirts. This is because, currently sport team attire is only available in t-shirts and sweatshirts and warmup pants. Imagine a sports arena filled with men in finely cut suits. I think that's pretty intimidating.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Gray Areas of the English Language

So it is my belief that some everyday English words and phrases are masked by Great Britain's violent historic past. But these idioms are used all the time in every situation, to the point that I ask, what would cause more harm, (1) Keeping the language and forever instilling old British beliefs, or (2) censoring down language to the point, where all analogies are abolished and nothing exerts any passion.

The word, "orientation," meaning the introduction of a new situation or environment. Similar to this word is another used to describe the Far East Asian race. And it's easy to see how this word was adopted. English travelers went to the Far East and gave the people they met a new name as they became familiar with them and the land, and later adopted the term to mean, becoming familiar with something. However, along the language timeline, another definition was picked up. As a psychological feature, orientation also means an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs.

One of the reasons why people may not feel welcome in American society is because the English language has words that characterize races and beliefs that aren't white Christians as "the other." And there there are definite undertones of an "Us" and "Them" perspective in the language, which isn't very welcoming.

Anyways there are many more of these examples hidden in the English language. One in particular that may surprise you pertains to British feelings toward left-handedness. In case you were wondering, they didn't like it, and neither did American society until fairly recently. Out in left field, left-winged, leftway thinking, are all examples of how the leftside represented bad luck. Also note that the Latin word for left is "sinister," which, as you may recognize was later adopted as part of the English language as something else. The Latin word for right was "dexter" as in dexterity. So this rant is based on how I feel about the English language. Currently not thrilled, but I kind of have to speak, and I only know English. But there are some obvious cans of worms that I have left unopened for a reason, and it's not just because I don't want to part with any more words and phrases.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two kings have come together!

I read about the Youtube owners in the Sunday Globe this past weekend. These two kids just sold Youtube to google for 1.6 billion dollars. Below is the link to their Youtube video that they recorded shortly after their sale, and when I see this video, I think, I want to be these kids. This is exactly why I want to be an entrepreneur, so I can make a billion dollar sale and joke around and relax, and be fulfilled and proud of my accomplishments. That must be a great feeling, and I partially feel this when I see this video of them. That's why I'm so inspired by this story, and these kids are only slightly older than me. So this story tells me that I can accomplish the same thing, and it makes me feel good. awww.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ja make me wanna...

Okay, so I'm stretching my fingers out and openning my eyes wide, because I know this is gonna be a long one, but WAY past due.

I first saw the film, Life and Debt, while I was freelancing and still living on Drexel's campus (I may have even blogged about it) This film is so inspiring, and everytime I see it, I try to think of ways to shut down the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and help countries like Jamaica. So the [true] story goes that Jamaica was under the British rule for so long, but like most countries that aren't British (that was a joke), Jamaica wanted to be independent. But independence also meant that they had to carry their own debt, and when they declared independence and fell into debt, they were desperate for a loan and made the biggest mistake by turning to the American-bred, largest loan shark in the world, for money. The international monetary fund passes themselves off as an altruistic being that provides opportunities for smaller underpriveleged countries, through monetary "support." But with the loan comes hidden catches that puts these at-risk countries further into debt and poverty, and Life and Debt describes Jamaica's struggle in dealing with the IMF. Jamaica had to promise that they wouldn't export any of their materials and that they would import 80% of all their produce from the US. They had to open up US clothing sweat shops, where they rarely see their weekly pay. The list goes on, but this whole situation made me think, honestly, where is the altruism and where's the opportunity? How can a country flourish on its own in such a twisted situation. It's obvious that the IMF is investing themselves in a situation where all of these underprivileged countries will just get further into debt, and will keep having to pay the IMF through eternity.

So, it's in my heart that I find a solution that 1) Helps these small countries get out of debt, the initial claim of the IMF, and 2) Puts the IMF permanently out of commission and forever abandoned. Muhammad Yunus connected world peace with the abolishment of poverty in his recent book, leading to his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize...

So the IMF lent 180 million dollars to Jamaica with the primary end point of Jamaica going into further debt, which is now at 7 trillion dollars. In order to promise a country that is in escalating debt, meaning the debt increases at a faster rate, each year, you can't just give Jamaica a flat loan, unless of course that loan is 7 trillion dollars. You must give them a loan that escalates, like a business. I'm sure for 180 million dollars, one could think of something. Gordon "Butch" Stewart used the savings from his air conditioning unit company to build 18 hotels also known as the Sandals Resorts, which now makes billions of dollars a year. So my plan would be to take that seed money from the IMF and turn it into an investment for a public hotel resort. All of the net income goes into Jamaica's pocket. And for an altruistic spin on it, I think it would be cool if I build a hotel resort, and everyone is thinking, wow, just another hotel resort build by some selfish American, and then I turn around and flat out give the company to the government. The organization would be called JAMAI (acronym to be determined) and this would be the first of many businesses that I would open for other countries. I would start this project with small countries like Jamaica, and then escalate to other countries on the IMF death list. There are 90 other countries who are in the same position that Jamaica is in, and most of these countries have a valuable resource that the IMF has restricted. So far, my plan has extended to other countries that are hot tourist spots. The solution is simple, build a hotel, advertise free will, and build a buzz that people will run to. I think the anti-IMF campaign is good enough. And then there are countries that are too arid for life, that have very little resources, and these countries will be helped eventually, but may take more seed money, and a better plan. So this plan has started out to screw over the IMF, but it has escalated to my little plan for world peace. and that's it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Medicus is medicinal

So, I hate keeping secrets, especially from those who actually enjoy reading this, but there was some information that had to be kept in my actions and thoughts, and simply could not be leaked through to the "media." In the month of September, I had been actively searching for another job. I was searching for the same healthcare copywriter position, but I was especially looking for something in diabetes. The search started out very well. Within the first week of searching, I had two interviews lined up. One with Euro on the LANTUS account and the other with Gray and the EXUBERA account. I started off with the Euro interview, where I took an extended lunch, in place of a much needed doctor's appointment. To my surprise, the position had be filled before I even got there, and I stirred up my current employer with an elongated lunch and nothing to show for it but my growling stomach. So I went on to Gray Healthcare. I was researching this new inhaler insulin product, and soon found out that this inhaler works like chewing tobacco, with tiny chards of glass cutting through the lung cavity to bring insulin to the blood stream. NO THANK YOU.

So, at mid-month and my favorite senior copywriter gone, I was desperate for an interview. I was recommending a friend of a friend to one of the recruiters, and he nonchalantly responded, "Are you looking for a new job?" I hadn't put two and two together until now. Before I knew it, i was taking a much needed sick day, and filling it with three interviews.

The first one was with HR at Brand Pharms. It was short and uneventful, seeing as I was presenting my portfolio to HR and no one else. The second interview was with Medicus. Something suddenly clicked. I wasn't selling myself or presenting myself anymore. I was laughing and joking and chatting up why I loved healthcare so much. When I left, I asked myself if I got out of an interview, or a lunch with friends, and yet I was hoping that they would take me seriously. The third interview took close to three hours. There's nothing like wrapping up the day with a three hour interview. It began pretty standard. HR asked me where I saw myself in ten years. I presented my portfolio to four different people, telling the same punchlines. Ha Ha. All was well. the CD liked me and then I interviewed with some sour face who literally said "Be careful what you wish for...there is so much work. I hope you know, you're looking at long hours here." Way to sell the company, guy. So, the thing with Medicus happened so quickly. I had a second interview, and now I start next week. And I'm very excited. Everything that was mentioned with the company processes is exactly what the issue is with FCB. Every account at Medicus has there own studio person. Everyone sits and collaborates together, and brace yourself, they all seemed to enjoy what they do. And one thing that I noticed that I picked up on, was that this brand that I was applying for is in the middle of a launch (Launch= more work= long hours at FCB)and it was 6PM, but everyone had gone HOME. This is monumental. It means that people in this agency are organized and use their time efficiently. Wow!

Monday, August 14, 2006

You did this to yourself...you did

"Dream on, but don't imagine that they all come true." -Billy Joel
Sometimes, you're fighting to get nowhere and you have to drop your tunnel vision and move on. My company has officially signed an expensive contract with Proscape, a presentation software that does pretty much what Custom Show does. Actually it only does half of what Custom Show does, but they are not budging. I lost it, so I have to drop this idea and move on to potential clients like Robert Hargrove, who is actually engagingly interested in this product.

As for Project Just. I have finished the research, finally, and it's just a matter of analyzing the research and writing my article, and as soon as my work lets me out at a decent hour, I will get to that.

I just finished spending a week at Community Boating, which became a blur after a week at this place, but for one week I was stress-free and made new little sailing friends, and I remembered how much I love working with kids. I WAS a kid the week I was there. I paid two kids to buy a 2 liter bottle of diet coke and a pack of mentos, just so I could watch the diet coke geyser, which does happen. I also went windsurfing everyday, raced powerboats, went to the bar at 4 in the afternoon and neglected to put on sunblock so I could develop a delicious tan in a week. If I won the powerball, I would volunteer at Community Boating all the time, and I would fund the place, so they wouldn't have to barely get by every year.

I added something else onto my list. If you've been reading my blog regularly, you;d know that I'm currently in the process of getting a client for my company, which is going well--I just have to keep bucking two incredibly busy people to stay in contact with each other. This is rough, because I honestly thought that the magic would work itself out after each party had each others contact, but no. So aside from that, I thought of what my dream job would be. Other than being a washed out beach bum that would make even Jimmy Buffet jealous, I really want to write for Humulin insulin, which is supplied by Eli Lilly. I know type I diabetes better than anything, and this is a huge product with consumer ads and tons of promotional pieces. I could find out what agency has this account and start applying, OR I could somehow get FCB this account, that way I could stay here with my team. So, my next plan is to get the Humulin and Humulog accounts for FCB. Obviously this isn't on this years to do list, but because I have a huge ego, I think it's attainable.

My French is getting better by the day. There is one thing that I have been consistently trying to keep doing around my work schedule, and that is listening to Mastering French. I now listen to the Pimsleur tapes, because the guy goes over pronounciation and advanced syntax, while the Mastering French guy saids, "This is how you say this long phrase" I think I'll remember it more if I know each word, and since I've been listening to Pimsleur, I've been creating new sentences using the new words and syntax that I've learned. My dad always said that I have a head for languages, especially French, and I'm finally starting to believe him. My mom, who actually speaks decent French, hasn't said that to me yet, but she will. When I went home for the week, we both started each morning speaking in French, while making breakfast, which had improved my vocabulary tremendously.

So, with the large workload and the French stuff, something has to take a backseat. I was working on the reading comprehension part of the GMAT, and I took a practice test in that section, did awful, then learned the section, learned the tricks, went over practice problems. Then I took another practice test, and did worse. Reading comprehension is my worst subject on this thing. It's one of the reasons why I quit studying this stuff the first time, so I'm just going to finish my french tapes, move on to french 3 and 4 and so on, until I admit to myself that I'm procrastinating this GMAT crap. If the GMAT were a person, it would be dangling an MBA degree with my name on it, and every time I jump up to grab it, GMAT would pull it out of my reach. That bitch.

Memorable quote of today: "All weeds can be flowers, if you get to know them." -Eeyore (as seen on the cap of my Honest Tea at lunch)

Wow, patheticism defines me today.

Friday, July 28, 2006

with ten miles down, ten thousand more to go...

There has been only one major update on my little list. After TWO people from HR quit on me while promising my recruit an interview, I randomly get an email from my recruit saying that he has an interview, and that we should meet for lunch afterwards. At lunch he informed me that he got freelance work from them and that he starts Tuesday. Yay! That’s one venture accomplished, and if he stays for at least 6 months then my investment was well worth it.

Everything else is either on hold or I have to wait out a particular date to move forward with the particular project. I haven’t done anything with the novel, simply because they’ve been working me like a dog, recently.

There have also been some recent events that have shaped me in some form.

--This weekend, my friend Olga and I completed our second triathlon and were so inspired that we’re doing another one on Labor Day weekend called The Boston Triathlon
--I got another iPod, so I’m back in the culture that shuns down on those reading books on the train (yes, this makes me a hypocrite)
--I’ve always wanted to learn a language, and I was on the fence between Spanish and French. I chose French and uploaded “Mastering French” on my iPod
--My joke of a raise is more than what I’m making at the Yacht club, so I quit to make more weekend time
--I’m getting internet and cable TV on the same day, so now I know how to fill up those weekends
--I'm taking off work in a few weeks so I can volunteer at Community Boating... and windsurf non-stop for a whole week

A few thoughts: Even though I can officially check off something on my entrepreneur's list, it's been slow, but I keep reminding myself of the only useful quote in the film Waking Life. "The difference between us and that man up there [randomly clinging to the telephone pole] is that we're all theory with no action, and he's all action with no theory. If we could only combine the two..." I just need to keep reminding myself to combine the two. This blog means nothing, unless I actually respond with action and results, and I promise that everything will eventually be checked off.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

An entrpreneur's work is never done

A lot of updates... I felt like Conan O'Brien, just then. A lot of updates, a lot of special guests on our show tonight, so much stuff to cover that we can't waste any more time, and yet we are. So, here's my entrepreneur to do list, which will double as a table of contents for this looong entry:

[] Put together Custom Show presentation for FCB Healthcare and present it in the occasional forum

[] August 14, begin to put together Custom Show presentation for Robert Hargrove

[] Get someone hired by FCB healthcare

[] 'Reel in' a client for FCB healthcare

[] Project "Just" to be completed Aug 13th

[] Get a genealogy test at Harvard University

[] Finish novel "Robbi's Mix"

[] Keep everyone updated on the entrepreneurial blog!!!

So, as briefly mentioned in the last entry, I discovered how Custom Show, a form of presentation software, can help sales reps be tracked down in pharma companies. In the last few months, falling short of my performance review, I've been working on a presentation to present to the FCB forum, which is sporatically held throughout the year. No one has gotten back to me as to when this is specifically, but when it comes, I will be prepared.

I shared my idea with Robert Hargrove, an entrepreneur, himself, who travels the world making presentations and teaching CEOs how to be great leaders and has recently hired others to do the same thing and he seemed interested, because using this software, he can keep track of his employees. So, he enjoyed the idea and I may have another client on my hands as well.

The creators of Custom Show have agreed to pay me 10% of each purchase of the software. How expensive is it? Well, one of the Custom Show reps said that my compensation for one sale of software is enough to put a down payment on a house.

Another "in house investment" is my struggle to recruit someone to the FCB healthcare team, which is quite difficult, because the HR person I was dealing with had just quit unannounced, which many are doing, due to the merger. But this shouldn't have been a problem, because this is opening up more positions, which for some reason I can't recruit someone to fill. So, I have a new HR person, who has agreed to let my recruit in for an interview as promised by the old HR person. Compensation is between 1 and 3,000 depending that the position is acquired for at least 6 months. eh.

A career long goal at FCB was to gain a client for the company. After a brief dabble in the field, I discovered that this was harder than I thought, so I pushed the deadline from 6 months to life. And, now, it seems as though this goal is closer than ever, certainly closer than anything else on my list. Go figure. So, my dad, his friend and a former client of mine have started a company that makes software that manages clinical trials. Can you tell where my entrepreneurial spirit comes from? They just received a big grant, and a large investment is expected. Next thing I know I get an IM from dad asking ME if FCB could offer them marketing services on a budget of 2 mil a year. What? I sent this very strange email to the boss, boss, boss. I mean it was strange, because it was a nice presentation pitch, it mentioned the company, its product and budget, but it was in my waif-like childish words. It couldn't have been that bad, because I got a meeting with her, where I passed on the contact info for these guys. I kept unintentionally implying, "Please take this off my hands before I royally screw it up,"
which the boss boss boss picked up easily. But she couldn't have taken it to heart. I mean, people spend a lot of time and money to ensure that people like me don't directly communicate to the client. They are called Account Execs!!! Anyway, this has to look good on my record. I'm bringing in 2 mil a year minus the cost of labor and my measely joke of a salary. For that, they can't afford to fire me, but in a merger, the gazelle is never safe. I hoping for a raise, a bonus, a pat of the back even, but nothing is promised.

The next idea, Project "Just" is JUST around the corner. It costs money, and who knows if I'll ever get it back, but my tunnel vision has got the best of me. We'll see. This is where the gambler starts saying. "I'm not losing money, I'm paying for the entertainment of playing," and I am. August 13th is when I'll know what I've invested. That's National Lefty Day. You can't lose on a holiday celebrating your left hand.

Okay, so I'm a writer. I wouldn't be a writer if my novel in the making wasn't on this list. Case in point.

The genealogy test won't make me any money, it will help me determine where I came from. Yes, I look exactly like both my parents, but I don't believe that a girl that tans like a Sicilian and has Slav-like almond eyes is Scottish, French, Welsch, German, and English. No way. So, I'm having a genealogy test to find out what I am. and I discovered that this test exists from watching "Afirican-American Lives" where black celebrities took this test to find out where there African ancestry originated. And this idea will be put on the back burner, because only a celebrity can afford it.

That's it for now. I'm reading Thom August's book, "Nine Fingers," and it's very good. Very inspiring. Ciao Bellas. Bellos.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Good, The Bad and... Let's not go there!

Our softball team finally lost, so everyone can finally get their heads out from where they were. We're 4 and 1 and ever since the first game, I have unofficially stopped drinking. The first game was rough. I didn't play at all, but I showed my dedication through quality flip-cupping.

Anyway, the entrpreneuring is still continuing strong, but I may have forgotten to pay attention to the stability that lets me be carefree in my business abilities, my full-time job. Let me keep you up to date...

I found out that we do indeed have a recycling program. Apparently, after the trash is thrown away, someone "sorts" through it and collects the dry white paper, which is brought to a recycling plant. This is the truth according to the head of HR. A likely story, in my mind.

I also found out that both of my recruits have interviews this week. SCORE! So, if either of them get a position, here, I can get between 1,000 and 3,000 for each of them. I'm just crossing my fingers and wishing the best for them, of course.

My weekend job search has come to a regal end. After getting an offer for $11 an hour at a crappy yacht club in Brooklyn, I asked the commodore of that club if 11 is the standard, and he doltishly shot back, "You could easily be making 15 an hour at Oyster Bay." Dumb ass. I applied to Yacht Clubs throughout Long Island and came across the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club. This club offers free meals, 2 12-hour shifts and cab rides in the rain. This area is also close to where my mom grew up, so it makes the family proud.

And last night, I had an epiphany. I realized that pharma companies complain about the cost of print materials (yes, they complain about money) and they need a cost effective way to present. I thought of a very creative way that, if successful, could change the way all sales reps present drugs to their clients. I have a meeting about it tomorrow.

So yes, things keep creeping up the scale of luck, but yet something plateaued. I had my preliminary review today, and found out that my communication is archaic, I don't "step up to the plate" and my boss boss knows that I'm intimidated by her, and I don't say hi enough. Ever since then, I've been patiently waiting for her to come out of her office, so I can say, "Hey, how are you doing?" but a little more breezy. Dammit, I think she just walked by.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

As short-lived as the pony express

So, recently I had an entrpreneurial kick. Let me explain. I finally decided to follow through with some things. I applied to Manhattan Sailing Club, and it turns out that they weren't hiring, so I started a conquest to teach sailing, windsurfing or whatever I was qualified in, on the weekends. Basically, something in the sun that reflects the qualities of CBI. I took a "mystery trip" to Southampton. Not really, I was about to, but then I slept in and realized that the Southampton train runs every four hours on weekends and costs $30 roundtrip. So, I went to Rockaway Beach. It was beautiful. The waves were solid little east coast pipes. You could ride a shortboard on them. But no one was out surfing. I asked the ice cream man why and apparently the waves get better and these were sucky. I checked out the surf shops. They were alright. One of the surf shops has the whole Venice, CA team zephyr thing going on. (The first real freestyle skateboarding team) The owner of the shop told me how to get to Plumb beach, where the windsurfing is. By the time I got there, by way of the Brooklyn bus, ugh, I was there just in time to see windsurf boards being strapped back of the hoods of cars and taking off. I walked from Plumb beach to Sheepshead Bay, in search for the closest subway stop (from the directions of another ice cream truck guy) and I passed by the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club. i hesitated for a minute, but then randomly asked if there was a job opening. They needed a launch driver and offered to pay $11/ hr for the weekend. I still have my six pack license so I applied and I have a real interview on Monday. The best part about a launch driving position is that it doesn't require a lot of energy, so I can work 13 hour shifts and not cry, because I was playing cards with a member while waiting for someone who needs the assistance of a safety launch, and I'll get my summer tan, while keeping my real job.

These are the other ventures that are about to fall through. I just found out that doctors alter placebos or "sugar pills" in experiments so that the adverse effects are similar to that of the drug's effects. My opinion is that they shouldn't call it a sugar pill, but the doctors think that the placebo should mimic the effects of the drug, except curing the ailment that the patient has. That would be fine, except that this cover up allows people to say "side effects were similar to sugar pill" which is full of crap. I recently sent emails to all of the professors and doctors, who believe that placebos should have nothing more than sugar coating, and I told them that we should join forces and create an organisation (I spelt it with an "s" so they all thought I was british, haha) that regulates how placebos are made. I haven't heard a response. Maybe I should have spelt organization correctly.

Let's see... I also am tring to get my company to recycle. It will benefit everyone, and will save half the rainforest, but it will take a lot of work. I really want to follow through with this, because I honestly think that if the world realizes how much paper we will save, world peace will emerge. I need to find a way to request recycle bins and the whole recycling plan without reporting my company of an illegal act (not recycling), because that would suck.

The last thing I'm working on, I've been studying since my senior year of college. I'm not really at liberty to mention it all, but as soon as I finish the study, I want to write an article for Rolling Stone about this, and hopefully, it will be published. If you really want to know, then flip back to about a year ago, I know I mentioned it before.

Okay, so another fun thing happened this week. The infamous "FACE" awards, an office popularity contest, where employees vote for the worker who embraces the spirit of the company, or whatever. It was actually a lot of fun. They made a really funny video about inside jokes within the company. For instance, everyone in the office received these emergency first aid kits, but they have the strangest crap in them, like a "survival blanket" and fresh water packets and a rape whistle, you know, just in case. And finally someone made fun of it on this video.

I need to cut out now. Yes I'm aware that I still don't have pictures up, and I stopped promising them, for the record, but I am fully aware that I need to. This news letter is my online scrapbook, and a scrapbook looks wordy without pictures. Next time, I will talk about how the FCB softball team has turned me into a drunk.

If you have any questions/qualms/queries/comments/critiques about any of my posts, please let me know. This publication is for the public to enjoy and an attempt to make me a better writer. If I am not fulfilling either of these, I want to know. Send them to zoom: elizabethglines@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A little TriBeCa culture never hurt no one

Finally the weekend began with Friday. I had stayed late after work on Thursday to go Tribeca Film festival shopping. Naturally, I started by looking up films by the country. I was hoping that Emir Kusturica had discovered New York film festivals, and perhaps I would get to meet him this weekend. So I looked up the Czech Republic, and there was only one film. Not only was there only one lousy Czech film, but it had nothing to do with the velvet revolution. History reference: In 1987-1991 the Czechs rebeled against the Soviets and managed to declared independence without ever going into battle, and they called it the velvet revolution. I have always been fascinated by this, and Czech films usually portray the political message with great suttlety, like their revolution. So I finally discovered a Czech film that had nothing to do with politics, but it was only playing during the week, and during the day. Then I glanced beyond the Czech flag and found a Croatian film that had politics and Soviets and Hagues, so I went to see it, and this film was so hilarious, I'm strongly considering finding the prequel. The film is called "Two players from the bench." And whenever I drag people to experience my interests, I'm always worried that I'll lose friends, because my taste is so "out there," but not when we saw this film. My only regret was that we had to sit and the second row, and I had to turn my head to read the subtitles, a lot.

On Saturday, I went to see a bunch of shorts with Jasmin and her friend, Aaron, that were mostly corny and sucky, except for one that was directed by Melissa Joan Hart, ironically. When I say these films are sucky, I'm saying that when each film was finished, everyone in the audience looked around for someone who understood the punchline. One of these films ended with a bunch of Italian men running through the streets of Rome taunting this limping young man to chase them.

On Sunday, I waited in line for two hours with Jasmin to see "Yo Soy Boriqua," directed by Rosie Perez. When we came to the front, the Tribeca crew told the two people in front of us that the film was sold out. GRRRR, so we went to see Akeelah and the Bee instead, which was predictable, but had a way to make the audience feel moved and applaud in the spirit of the film. I'm not saying predictable in a bad way. I walked in the theatre thinking that it was about a girl who wanted to win the spelling bee and eventually she did. I was right, but I was still seriously affected, when I found out that she couldn't go, or when other twists came through. Overall, this was a great weekend, filled with inspiring films.

Somewhere in between this crazy weekend, I also managed to squeeze in, "City of God," which won an Oscar for last years best foreign film. I'm not even gonna give any of it away, you should all see it. Yes, I've had my fill of inspiration, and I want to change the world again.

Yesterday (Monday) I went to take a ferry to New Jersey to interview for a job at Offshore Sailing school... Just a weekend job, don't worry mom. Anyway, I got lost and missed my ferry. But, on my walk, I hit the North Cove, home of Manhattan Sailing School. This place had sparking J24s (Nice boats) and the staff all had Mount Gay Rum hats, and the atmosphere reminded me of Community Boating. So, I'm applying there, INSTEAD. The night I went, the Volvo World Race was stopping there and there were live bands, and it reminded me of CBI, during a function, without the lobster bisque. I felt like I was home.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Work (ad)Ventures

So, as many of you know, I like adventures, excursions, and any excuse to detour for the scenic route. Just how my former high rise window washing team considered their vocations as an art, I consider finding adventures in Corporate America a creative challenge. I've been looking for ways to make some extra cash through my company. At first I tried to see how I could take advantage of this company, which was tough, because I love the company, and I didn't want to get fired. We made various creative pieces that refered to phone numbers and websites that didn't exist yet, so I decided to simply buy the tool-free number and the domain name, which the pharmaceutical company can buy from me later. This didn't work, because the pharma company was one step ahead of me, and bought the domain name already. My next idea was to buy stock the night before a product launched, but then I was told that was illegal, so I didn't do it. Now, an opportunity came up that would actually help the company and the people involved, including me. A few weeks ago, my boss boss came up to me with a smile on her face, which was strange because she rarely smiles and I'm afraid of the boss boss. She asked me if I knew any freelance copywriters, who would be interested in a full time position, and then she later hinted that I could be paid if they were hired. Of course I said, yes. So the next day, i posted an ad on craigslist, making sure that I didn't mention the company name, and I spent the last two weeks sifting through resumes on my lunch break. I found two ideal candidates and made them vow to keep the craigslist find a secret. I felt a little loserish, considering that I basically told them to tell everyone that we were friends. I'm going to Philly for the weekend. My friend, my real friend, James, joined the peace corp and he leaves for Guatamala next month, and I'm helping him remember Philly by going to his party. I will not be drinking, because this company "softball team" has tapped me dry.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Frustrated Incorporated

This is where the G-lines Newsletter takes a dark turn. Not really. I'm just in a bad mood. Every other day at work, I do my job, I try my hardest, and whether I have a lot of work or not, I always get a "Good Job" or "Impressive" or "Well Done." Well, last week, especially the second half, I worked so hard, I barely came up for air. This was the first time, where my time management skills were truly tested, and I had to make myself a little timeframe calendar to ensure that I finished everything by deadline. Well, I worked my ass off, and there was no "Good Job" at the end of the day. There was nothing. And this morning (day) is a continuation of last week (this entry is slowly being written throughout the day) and I believe I'm getting an apathetic vibe from my primary team. The reason is that everyone is too busy to react, just as I am, I guess, but I'm not asking for very much. I just want someone, anyone, to recognize how much work I've contributed by simply saying, "Good Job, Liz." If I heard that every day, then I would be fulfilled and everyday would be a better day than the day before. But anon, Friday was not that day.

Otherwise, my athletic lifestyle is treating me well. I am still at the rock gym. I competed in my third climbing competition this past weekend. I'm climbing solid 5.9's which is phenomenal... for me. I'm not quitting the gym, even though it's taking up too much time. I decided not to do the adult soccer league, because I'm on the company softball and soccer leagues. something tells me that I won't be windsurfing very often, which reminds me, I need to take a week off from work this summer, and spend it just windsurfing, all week. Perhaps I can use my free roundtrip plane ticket to go to Bonaire and just chill for a week. Okay, the pile on my desk tells me I must stop and attend to my planet. (I'm not crazy, it's a reference to the little prince) Cheers.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Everything is "A" OK

A little update for the masses...
I've been to two climbing competitions so far this year, and although I am still remote from winning, every comp has been a rewarding experience. There's another one coming up on April 8th in Stanford, CT. It's a top roping competition, which is perfect, because I can't boulder for my life and I haven't learned to lead climb yet. The last comp I went to, I won a raffle for one roundtrip plane ticket anywhere in the US, Canada or Caribbean, excluding Hawaii, of course. So, this next comp will have a lot to live up to. I'm hoping for clothing and equipment.

Speaking of equipment, remember how I was suppose to sell my kiteboard? Well the man, who said he was going to buy it, never showed up again, so I called the kite shop to see what the update was, and the shop owner said that I may as well pick it up, because nobody wants it, and it's "made for the west coast" whatever that means.

Oh, and I gave up using the microwave for lent. Some people at work were talking about how they never use a microwave, and of course I was thinking that I can't live without one. I expressed to my mom that perhaps if I stopped using the microwave, it would force me to be a better cook. The next thing I know, I got a ten piece cooking set from my mom. She called it "Support toward giving up the microwave for lent." I'm now two weeks shy of Easter, without cheating and my room mate told me that I've lost some noticeable weight. Obviously, I haven't become a better cook. So, I've decided to eat out for the rest of these two weeks, instead of trying to make a lunch and dinner that I don't want to eat. It's less expensive and healthier than cooking, so there's my solution.

This weekend is the first practice for FCB Softball. I think this league that I joined has other agencies that we play against. I haven't played softball in over 10 years, and I think it's suppose to rain on Saturday, but even then, it may be fun.

Work is alright. One of the accounts that I'm working on suddenly has no work, and the other one wasn't approved by the FDA, but I'm still optimistic. I was terrified that I was going to lose my job, because that's what happened when I freelanced. But they put me on another account, which was tedious, because this account needs help, and it was somewhat fun, because the new team is almost as friendly as the others.

I haven't been agressively searching for windsurfing buddies. Summer is quickly approaching and my board and sails are still in Boston. One of these weekends, I'm going to just hop on a train to Long Island and ask around for a windsurf shop.

Ideas? I have ideas. I think that sales reps should be designated to physicians by target market, NOT by region. For example, the hot male early 30s sales reps should be designated to 40-year-old divorcee women doctors. Since pharma companies don't believe that ad campaigns in magazines sell drugs, they should make their sales reps the ad campaigns. Cheers then.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Little Miss Suggestion Box

I'm on a proactive kick right now. If something bad happens, I go out of my way to find a solution. Some call it annoying. I call it proactive. At the gym that I go to, someone had opened my locker, rummaged through my bag and stole my iPod. I am still fuming, but I decided to fume my anger through a solution. A solution that would not only solve the problem that the gym has of iPod theft, but I would ideally get my iPod back as well, as if there was no other motive. I spoke to one of the gym staff, and she explained to me that "iPods go like crack around this place." As soon as I found this out, I wrote a "Suggestion Letter"

Management of Chelsea Piers Sports Center:

It has recently come to my attention that lost and stolen iPods are a major issue within the Chelsea Piers Sports Center walls. After my iPod was stolen, I went to the front desk, hoping that it was behind the counter, but instead I was asked, "“Does your iPod have Queen and Weezer in it?"” This isn'’t an elite question that would NOT separate the thieves from the owners. After this incident, I discussed my situation with other members and discovered that 10-15 iPods are lost PER NIGHT, so this is a major issue. I also discovered that a majority of members, in their distraught over their expensive loss, purposely claim an iPod that isn't theirs. And it'’s easy for these members to falsely claim them, especially when the staff asks them yes or no questions about their property. This is definitely a situation that needs to be addressed, and I have a suggestion that will hopefully solve this problem.

The Sports Center should have a "“Register Your iPod"” week, where members will record their iPod serial number, description along with their contact information. The next time someone loses their iPod, the Sports Center staff can just look up the iPod'’s owner by its serial number and the right member will be contacted. To encourage people to register their iPods, the Sports Center can throw in a perk, like if you register then you can be entered to win Sports Center t-shirts or a free months membership or something. After the "“Register your iPod week"” ends, we can continue the process by keeping the iPod database open to those who want to register, and possibly even include the iPod registration form in the new member kits. I really feel that a change is necessary in the way that iPod theft is handled. It may not be my idea that you choose, but something is definitely wrong when iPods are being stolen out of the "“safe."” Please take my suggestion seriously and let me know if you need any volunteer work to help get this idea off the ground. I am a very satisfied member of the Chelsea Piers Sports Center. I just want to do whatever I can to make it the healthiest environment that it can be.

[my name]

So, with luck, my idea will be implemented and I will get my iPod back, and the "winner" will get a kick in the ass.

I am also attempting to be proactive in my job. I've made a career-long goal to gain a client for my company. Apparently, it is harder than it seems, but I am staying positive and still contacting friends and former clients in the pharm industry.

This weekend was informative. I had a climbing competition on Saturday and lost miserably, but I made some new wild climbing-enthused friends, and on Sunday I saw the Santiago Calatrava exhibit at the MET, which was amazing, with Yianna and her brother John. Calatrava designed the new World Trade subway stop, which sparked major interest in New York. He also designed the Athens Olympic arena, which I'll be visiting in August, so this exhibit was long overdue.

And this week is full of love. Tonight, I'm going to "The Dentist," which is an underground rock gym owned by a dentist in Brooklyn. Later tonight, I'll be putting together my new bed, which will make my room look lived in. Tomorrow, I climb at my gym, and find out how proactive I have been. Thursday, I go bowling with people from work. Should be... interesting and fun. and this weekend, I get fitted for my bridemaid's dress and get my taxes done. It's a busy week, and I'm keep you informed on how it goes. I am mostly looking forward to the other climbing competition on the 18th at my gym... and bowling. Before, I was going to the gym out of boredom, but I finally have friends and plans and dilemmas. Dilemma example? I signed up for intramural soccer for April through June on Sundays, but I also have an interview to teach Sailing on the weekends. FYI: teaching sailing will pay for my trip to Greece AND possibly my membership to the expensive gym that I've been somehow paying for, but I love soccer. It's co-ed! Well, we'll see where I end up. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Introducing negative campaigning in Pharm advertising

Since tactical planning wasn't assigned to me, I decided to take it on anyway and have a little fun with it. So, I am pitching negative campaigning to the Pharmaceutical Ad world. That's right. Just think of all of the terrible side effects that every drug has. Now think of a commercial that says, " Save your heart from drug X, which killed 7 people in recent studies. Drug Y only has a rare but serious effect on your liver, and only killed 2 people, EVER. Side effects include dry heaving, liver disease and a rare but serious case of herpes." I think this type of campaigning will make people laugh, and will therefore keep our drug in their minds. If the opportunity arrives, I will definately bring it up, and see what the reaction is.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Too much walking, shoes worn thin

The last two weeks have been a mixed bag. I still love my job, and yes, I'm saying this the day after I had a three and a half hour meeting followed by a late work night (imposed by the long-ass meeting.) I went to Rah Crawford's "Neo-chronic pop-ironic clairvoyance" art show, and it was amazing. Not just because they gave out free hypnotic drinks. I really wanted this one piece of this woman with this meticulously detailed screenprint of a baby in her belly. I could see it hanging in my apartment, until I found out the price, and then I thought how silly a 5,000 dollar painting would look in my Jersey City apartment. Slightly out of place. But this painting really spoke to me. Perhaps, because everyone around me is pregnant. And it's not just in my head. I just read an article about how there's another baby boom. It had something to do with the Louisiana disaster inspiring people to live life. Pregnancy is the current celebrity trend. And I was speaking to my room mate the other day and her boss is pregnant too. Then my mom called me up and said, "You'll never believe who came into the delivery room." and it wasn't about who it was, it was about how many. Whiskey fucking tango.

Something made my thoughts jump out of my head. Many of you remember my favorite sneakers. They were the adidas three stripe gazelles, and they defined me. I wore them until my socks came out the bottom, and then I peeled off the stripes and had them sewn on a new pair of gazelles. Then I wore those until my socks became black. Then I bought new socks. and I said goodbye to them on graduation day. (They are hanging on a telephone wire near University Crossings in Philly) Since then, I've been on a constant search for these sneakers. and it didn't help that the place that I got them (Allstar in Allston,MA) went out of business. When I moved to New York, I resumed this search. I hit every store on Broadway and 8th, which apparently has every sneaker imaginable. NOPE! Then after casually sitting on the subway, this girl walks in wearing my sneakers. and I was speechless. These sneakers were like a celebrity on the train, and I was like, "Oh, my god, should I speak to the person wearing my sneakers?" And so I asked her where she got my sneakers, I mean her sneakers and she said eBay, BUT she saw my sneakers at a shoe store in Queens. so, this weekend, I'm going to Queens, never been, and I'm going to this shoe store and I'm clearing the shelf.

So, I'm also looking for the popular windsurfing beach on Long Island, or Brooklyn, or whichever place is closer. It turns out that one of the Cape Cod Wahines lived in New York for four years, and she windsurfed somewhere on Long Island.

It's funny. I think that every person can be characterized by the first things they think about, when they move to a new place. My crazy list is: Find a place to live, find a rock gym, find a screenprinting lab, find my sneakers, find a place to windsurf et al. I still haven't found a grocery store close to my home. Perhaps I should do that after I find my sneakers. Don't worry, I put it on the list.

I did fall short on finding one of my passions. The screenprinting lab. I sent out a few emails, and forgot about the whole thing, but going to Rah's art show inspired me to do some more screenprinting, so now I'm looking again for a lab. To ensure that I find a lab, I'm taking a different approach. First I will suede one of the art directors to sneak Photoshop on my computer, because for some strange reason copywriters don't have Photoshop on their computers. As if we have no visually creative muse. HA! Then perhaps one of these art directors will know where I can find a screenprinting lab. We'll see.

Innovative IDEA section:
The first idea may sound boring. But I'm the publisher, and I say it stays...
At work, the other copywriters got an assignment to think of tactics for our brand. This was an interesting assignment, because it's not something that copywriters usually get to be a part of, and it was an exclusive project that I wasn't suppose to know about. Well, now that I know, I decided to take a stab at it. I took a look at our competitors and as usual, the side effects will kill you, and all I could think was, why would someone want these products, and why is it so hard to dissuade people from using this poisonous crap? So, my tactic is to make a prescribing information for a product that the FDA LOATHES. Cigarettes. I'm gonna make prescribing information (PI) for cigarettes, and I'll blank out the brand and the general drug, and I will present both the PI of our competitors and the PI of cigarettes, and when the FDA says "Gee Brand Ciggie is pretty bad, but brand X will kill you now. THEN, I'll reveal the truth. Whatever, it sounded good in my head.

Movie of the week: So, as children of the 80s turn 30, 80s music and movies are coming back. YAY! So, my movie is based on a character, who is obsessed with the eighties. He still wears the cat suit and a fluffy blonde hairdo, and we follow this guy on a day in the life, and we actually don't realize that it's 2006, until his friends have an intervention meeting, and tell him. He's shattered and to calm him down, one of his friends convinces him that in some small town in the middle of America, there's a whole community stuck in the 80s just like him. From a newspaper ad, this guy gathers other 80s fanatics (like this born-again Christian girl, who listens to contemporary Christian rock, and others) and head out on a road trip to find this town. Ask me what the soundtrack is gonna be. I'm writing the script around it.

Other ideas include shorts:
The first short is about how to find a windsurfer in the city. Clips include a man in a suit on the subway, harnessed in to one of the subway bars and giving the surf's up to someone else on the subway.

Another short:
This is a combination of two car stories. The first is:
Can I have a ride to work, tomorrow?
Isn't it supposed to rain tomorrow?
Then no, I can't, sorry.
What do you mean?
My car doesn't work in the rain.

The second:
(video store)
My car's still running, so keep an eye out, while I'm in line.
Why don't you shut it off.
Because it won't turn back on.
What do I do if someone drives away in it? Should I just let you know?
That would be nice.
You know, I don't have to look out the window to know that someone drove away in your car.

So these two scenes would be staggered in a collage, and the story would continue, and there would be more car stories that stagger in...
That's it. Cheers

Monday, January 30, 2006

Like Bulger, I leave pieces everywhere

I had free internet for about three days until our neighbors decided to secure their network. Hence, the reason why I had "Coming soon..." on this blog for a week.

Anyway, I have made it my noble obligation to change the world I'm in, and leave a piece of myself wherever I go. At work, I suggested to the webhost that we get an online literary magazine on our intranet. She liked the idea so much, she wants me to elaborate on the details, and then she'll pitch ideas (including mine) for the upcoming intranet site. This could get exciting.

I did end up joining the gym with the massive rock wall, and I've been climbing 4 times a week. I was dissapointed in my initial performance. The last time I climbed regularly was in high school, and I recall climbing 5.9s regularly with the occasional 5.10 (really good.) The best climb I did on my first day was a 5.7, which I didn't even finish (by the way, that sucks) It's only been two weeks and I'm already improving and making friends with the regulars. I thought of some ways to contribute myself to the gym. I was thinking of putting together a climbing competition, or doing something to increase the community atmosphere. And then I remembered something that was done at the Boston Rock Gym. I had climbed to the top and discovered that someone had put a rubber duckie at the top of the wall. It had been an ongoing joke to find the rubber duckie, and hide it at the top of another wall. So, I bought a rubber duckie, climbed up one of the walls at the Chelsea Piers gym, and placed the duck there. We'll see if anyone catches on. If anything, it'll be funny to see the reactions of climbers, who see a duck staring at them. Perhaps I would get a better reaction if I get one of those rubber bloody hands from Halloween.

I have always supported freelancers in their struggle to keep their businesses alive everyday. And even though I will NEVER go back to freelancing, I am constantly reminded of those who are still freelancing as writers, artists and businessmen. One of my friends who really encouraged me to continue with freelancing is having an art show next week. This is a pretty big deal. It's my first New York Fashion/Art Show, and I'm on THE LIST. And there's an after party. I've been to other gallery shows, but I have always felt that these shows were aspiring to be like shows in New York. "Are you on the list? This is a New york style show!" And whenever something obscure happened in Philly, the ongoing excuse was "Well, they do it in New York..." so this will be my first verification of what an art show really is. I have the slightest feeling that Philly art shows are just waifs, compared to New York. If anyone wants to come along, leave me an email. I can bring people to this thing.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Joining the gym that has everything for the mere price of my right arm

I've been shopping around for a decent gym to join. There is the option of joining Bally's Total Fitness in association with FCB, where I'd only have to pay 13 bucks per paycheck, pre-taxed. Then I discovered my long lost passion for rock climbing. The passion came to fruition when I went to the Travel Expo last Saturday. I woke up late Saturday morning with nothing to do, and I flipped on the TV. The sketchy Jersey City version of the Today show was featuring the Travel Expo, and they were showing sails being rigged inside this Expo Center. So, right then, I decided that the Travel Expo was my destination that day. I worked my way through the booths, greeting the Vermonts, the Berkshires and the New Hampshires, and peeking my head over to the sunny areas. I entered to win vacations and packages and grab bags full of wine and exotic drums and memorabilia from Tanzania, until I finally made it to the boats. This is where I discovered the Offshore Sailing School in New York. I expressed my interest in teaching sailing on the weekends, and the regional manager gave me his card. I knew that there was a purpose as to why I came here. I stayed shortly for the raffles and not surprisingly, I won a bottle of South African wine. On my way out the door, I found a local hiking shop that had the climbing shoes that I own, and I was reminded of how I needed new ones. The woman at the booth gave me a list of all the local rock gyms and this is how my voyage began. I began with the gym that was closest to my work. The Manhattan Plaza. This was a lot further than I thought. I have to remember that 11 avenues is whiskey fucking tango far. When I arrived I had to go up three flights of stairs, through a gym, out the door and around the corner. While trying to find this place, I almost forgot I was on the roof of a gym and not at street level. There may have well been a stop light, because I was walking all over the roof before I found this crouch space of a gym. The rock gym clerks were helpful, though, because they went through the list that I had and told me about the vibes of the different gyms. Then my finger ran across the Chelsea Piers Sport Club. They told me that the rock gym was phenomenal, but the fee was over a thousand dollars per year. I had to see it for myself. This was the largest wall, I have ever seen, inside or outside. And I discovered that this membership includes a regular sports membership, with gym classes, intramural sports, basketball courts etc. Most people would figure out how to get the money to afford it. I tried to find a way to get this membership for free. I called up my uncle, who owns a exercise equipment repair shop, and I asked him if he had any connections with the Chelsea Piers Sports Club, and he just said no. So, with that idea down the drain, I looked in the pamphlet to see what else I would be missing. This is when I discovered that the Offshore Sailing School is located within the Chelsea Piers. So, with luck, if I'm hired to teach sailing on the weekends, I'll get a complementary membership to the Sports Club. I have a feeling that this won't happen. I also know that this Sport Club is the type of community atmosphere that I need, and it would be worth it to spend 100 bucks a month in social fees. I already found a climbing partner, who wants to climb at the same time that I do, so why not? I'll just have to rotate SPAM into my diet, every three weeks to pay for it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Standstills are frustrating, especially when you want to run.

This is a frustrating time. I have certainly found my way in the matrix. I definitely feel like I belong exactly where I am, except when work is over, I can't go out and play with entrepreneurial ideas... At least not with an empty apartment and a credit card bill. This moment is what I call "the standstill," because I am busy doing average errands like paying bills and buying furniture for my apartment, and arranging my healthcare plan, and finding a good catholic church. An adventurist can leave home with nothing more than the shirt on his/her back. But leaving is nothing, when there's no comfy couch or a fridge of food waiting for you. So, until I get my act together and fall into the flow of habituous living, I am like everyone else. All theory and no action. To keep myself from becoming a permanent carbon copy of the girl from Belmont, I have made a specific list of things that I need to do before carrying on with my journey of randomness. And although, I plan on staying at this job for an outstandingly long time, (hopefully they agree) the G-lines Newsletter will soon be more random and adventurous than ever. Just think of this month as a rebuilding issue, a sigh, if you will, before chaos consumes once again.

I recently discovered something. All these years, I've been cramming my head with American classics and bestsellers, and until now, my idea of expanding cultures was reading English literature. I finally realized that there are Spanish classics and bestsellers and long time puns that have carried through culture and tradition, and I've been missing out on it. Tino Villanueva personally requested that I begin with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I recently finished a book (the Chronicle About a Death foretold) about a village, where everyone knows that this man is going to get killed except the man, himself. And they go about the day explaining how each person in the village heard and their excuse as to why they didn't tell him. According to Tino, this story line is a classic, and yet I never heard of it. I'm starting "One Hundred Years of Solitude" this week. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm anticipating real "novel" ideas.