Monday, January 30, 2006

Like Bulger, I leave pieces everywhere

I had free internet for about three days until our neighbors decided to secure their network. Hence, the reason why I had "Coming soon..." on this blog for a week.

Anyway, I have made it my noble obligation to change the world I'm in, and leave a piece of myself wherever I go. At work, I suggested to the webhost that we get an online literary magazine on our intranet. She liked the idea so much, she wants me to elaborate on the details, and then she'll pitch ideas (including mine) for the upcoming intranet site. This could get exciting.

I did end up joining the gym with the massive rock wall, and I've been climbing 4 times a week. I was dissapointed in my initial performance. The last time I climbed regularly was in high school, and I recall climbing 5.9s regularly with the occasional 5.10 (really good.) The best climb I did on my first day was a 5.7, which I didn't even finish (by the way, that sucks) It's only been two weeks and I'm already improving and making friends with the regulars. I thought of some ways to contribute myself to the gym. I was thinking of putting together a climbing competition, or doing something to increase the community atmosphere. And then I remembered something that was done at the Boston Rock Gym. I had climbed to the top and discovered that someone had put a rubber duckie at the top of the wall. It had been an ongoing joke to find the rubber duckie, and hide it at the top of another wall. So, I bought a rubber duckie, climbed up one of the walls at the Chelsea Piers gym, and placed the duck there. We'll see if anyone catches on. If anything, it'll be funny to see the reactions of climbers, who see a duck staring at them. Perhaps I would get a better reaction if I get one of those rubber bloody hands from Halloween.

I have always supported freelancers in their struggle to keep their businesses alive everyday. And even though I will NEVER go back to freelancing, I am constantly reminded of those who are still freelancing as writers, artists and businessmen. One of my friends who really encouraged me to continue with freelancing is having an art show next week. This is a pretty big deal. It's my first New York Fashion/Art Show, and I'm on THE LIST. And there's an after party. I've been to other gallery shows, but I have always felt that these shows were aspiring to be like shows in New York. "Are you on the list? This is a New york style show!" And whenever something obscure happened in Philly, the ongoing excuse was "Well, they do it in New York..." so this will be my first verification of what an art show really is. I have the slightest feeling that Philly art shows are just waifs, compared to New York. If anyone wants to come along, leave me an email. I can bring people to this thing.