Friday, February 10, 2006

Too much walking, shoes worn thin

The last two weeks have been a mixed bag. I still love my job, and yes, I'm saying this the day after I had a three and a half hour meeting followed by a late work night (imposed by the long-ass meeting.) I went to Rah Crawford's "Neo-chronic pop-ironic clairvoyance" art show, and it was amazing. Not just because they gave out free hypnotic drinks. I really wanted this one piece of this woman with this meticulously detailed screenprint of a baby in her belly. I could see it hanging in my apartment, until I found out the price, and then I thought how silly a 5,000 dollar painting would look in my Jersey City apartment. Slightly out of place. But this painting really spoke to me. Perhaps, because everyone around me is pregnant. And it's not just in my head. I just read an article about how there's another baby boom. It had something to do with the Louisiana disaster inspiring people to live life. Pregnancy is the current celebrity trend. And I was speaking to my room mate the other day and her boss is pregnant too. Then my mom called me up and said, "You'll never believe who came into the delivery room." and it wasn't about who it was, it was about how many. Whiskey fucking tango.

Something made my thoughts jump out of my head. Many of you remember my favorite sneakers. They were the adidas three stripe gazelles, and they defined me. I wore them until my socks came out the bottom, and then I peeled off the stripes and had them sewn on a new pair of gazelles. Then I wore those until my socks became black. Then I bought new socks. and I said goodbye to them on graduation day. (They are hanging on a telephone wire near University Crossings in Philly) Since then, I've been on a constant search for these sneakers. and it didn't help that the place that I got them (Allstar in Allston,MA) went out of business. When I moved to New York, I resumed this search. I hit every store on Broadway and 8th, which apparently has every sneaker imaginable. NOPE! Then after casually sitting on the subway, this girl walks in wearing my sneakers. and I was speechless. These sneakers were like a celebrity on the train, and I was like, "Oh, my god, should I speak to the person wearing my sneakers?" And so I asked her where she got my sneakers, I mean her sneakers and she said eBay, BUT she saw my sneakers at a shoe store in Queens. so, this weekend, I'm going to Queens, never been, and I'm going to this shoe store and I'm clearing the shelf.

So, I'm also looking for the popular windsurfing beach on Long Island, or Brooklyn, or whichever place is closer. It turns out that one of the Cape Cod Wahines lived in New York for four years, and she windsurfed somewhere on Long Island.

It's funny. I think that every person can be characterized by the first things they think about, when they move to a new place. My crazy list is: Find a place to live, find a rock gym, find a screenprinting lab, find my sneakers, find a place to windsurf et al. I still haven't found a grocery store close to my home. Perhaps I should do that after I find my sneakers. Don't worry, I put it on the list.

I did fall short on finding one of my passions. The screenprinting lab. I sent out a few emails, and forgot about the whole thing, but going to Rah's art show inspired me to do some more screenprinting, so now I'm looking again for a lab. To ensure that I find a lab, I'm taking a different approach. First I will suede one of the art directors to sneak Photoshop on my computer, because for some strange reason copywriters don't have Photoshop on their computers. As if we have no visually creative muse. HA! Then perhaps one of these art directors will know where I can find a screenprinting lab. We'll see.

Innovative IDEA section:
The first idea may sound boring. But I'm the publisher, and I say it stays...
At work, the other copywriters got an assignment to think of tactics for our brand. This was an interesting assignment, because it's not something that copywriters usually get to be a part of, and it was an exclusive project that I wasn't suppose to know about. Well, now that I know, I decided to take a stab at it. I took a look at our competitors and as usual, the side effects will kill you, and all I could think was, why would someone want these products, and why is it so hard to dissuade people from using this poisonous crap? So, my tactic is to make a prescribing information for a product that the FDA LOATHES. Cigarettes. I'm gonna make prescribing information (PI) for cigarettes, and I'll blank out the brand and the general drug, and I will present both the PI of our competitors and the PI of cigarettes, and when the FDA says "Gee Brand Ciggie is pretty bad, but brand X will kill you now. THEN, I'll reveal the truth. Whatever, it sounded good in my head.

Movie of the week: So, as children of the 80s turn 30, 80s music and movies are coming back. YAY! So, my movie is based on a character, who is obsessed with the eighties. He still wears the cat suit and a fluffy blonde hairdo, and we follow this guy on a day in the life, and we actually don't realize that it's 2006, until his friends have an intervention meeting, and tell him. He's shattered and to calm him down, one of his friends convinces him that in some small town in the middle of America, there's a whole community stuck in the 80s just like him. From a newspaper ad, this guy gathers other 80s fanatics (like this born-again Christian girl, who listens to contemporary Christian rock, and others) and head out on a road trip to find this town. Ask me what the soundtrack is gonna be. I'm writing the script around it.

Other ideas include shorts:
The first short is about how to find a windsurfer in the city. Clips include a man in a suit on the subway, harnessed in to one of the subway bars and giving the surf's up to someone else on the subway.

Another short:
This is a combination of two car stories. The first is:
Can I have a ride to work, tomorrow?
Isn't it supposed to rain tomorrow?
Then no, I can't, sorry.
What do you mean?
My car doesn't work in the rain.

The second:
(video store)
My car's still running, so keep an eye out, while I'm in line.
Why don't you shut it off.
Because it won't turn back on.
What do I do if someone drives away in it? Should I just let you know?
That would be nice.
You know, I don't have to look out the window to know that someone drove away in your car.

So these two scenes would be staggered in a collage, and the story would continue, and there would be more car stories that stagger in...
That's it. Cheers