Monday, March 06, 2006

Little Miss Suggestion Box

I'm on a proactive kick right now. If something bad happens, I go out of my way to find a solution. Some call it annoying. I call it proactive. At the gym that I go to, someone had opened my locker, rummaged through my bag and stole my iPod. I am still fuming, but I decided to fume my anger through a solution. A solution that would not only solve the problem that the gym has of iPod theft, but I would ideally get my iPod back as well, as if there was no other motive. I spoke to one of the gym staff, and she explained to me that "iPods go like crack around this place." As soon as I found this out, I wrote a "Suggestion Letter"

Management of Chelsea Piers Sports Center:

It has recently come to my attention that lost and stolen iPods are a major issue within the Chelsea Piers Sports Center walls. After my iPod was stolen, I went to the front desk, hoping that it was behind the counter, but instead I was asked, "“Does your iPod have Queen and Weezer in it?"” This isn'’t an elite question that would NOT separate the thieves from the owners. After this incident, I discussed my situation with other members and discovered that 10-15 iPods are lost PER NIGHT, so this is a major issue. I also discovered that a majority of members, in their distraught over their expensive loss, purposely claim an iPod that isn't theirs. And it'’s easy for these members to falsely claim them, especially when the staff asks them yes or no questions about their property. This is definitely a situation that needs to be addressed, and I have a suggestion that will hopefully solve this problem.

The Sports Center should have a "“Register Your iPod"” week, where members will record their iPod serial number, description along with their contact information. The next time someone loses their iPod, the Sports Center staff can just look up the iPod'’s owner by its serial number and the right member will be contacted. To encourage people to register their iPods, the Sports Center can throw in a perk, like if you register then you can be entered to win Sports Center t-shirts or a free months membership or something. After the "“Register your iPod week"” ends, we can continue the process by keeping the iPod database open to those who want to register, and possibly even include the iPod registration form in the new member kits. I really feel that a change is necessary in the way that iPod theft is handled. It may not be my idea that you choose, but something is definitely wrong when iPods are being stolen out of the "“safe."” Please take my suggestion seriously and let me know if you need any volunteer work to help get this idea off the ground. I am a very satisfied member of the Chelsea Piers Sports Center. I just want to do whatever I can to make it the healthiest environment that it can be.

[my name]

So, with luck, my idea will be implemented and I will get my iPod back, and the "winner" will get a kick in the ass.

I am also attempting to be proactive in my job. I've made a career-long goal to gain a client for my company. Apparently, it is harder than it seems, but I am staying positive and still contacting friends and former clients in the pharm industry.

This weekend was informative. I had a climbing competition on Saturday and lost miserably, but I made some new wild climbing-enthused friends, and on Sunday I saw the Santiago Calatrava exhibit at the MET, which was amazing, with Yianna and her brother John. Calatrava designed the new World Trade subway stop, which sparked major interest in New York. He also designed the Athens Olympic arena, which I'll be visiting in August, so this exhibit was long overdue.

And this week is full of love. Tonight, I'm going to "The Dentist," which is an underground rock gym owned by a dentist in Brooklyn. Later tonight, I'll be putting together my new bed, which will make my room look lived in. Tomorrow, I climb at my gym, and find out how proactive I have been. Thursday, I go bowling with people from work. Should be... interesting and fun. and this weekend, I get fitted for my bridemaid's dress and get my taxes done. It's a busy week, and I'm keep you informed on how it goes. I am mostly looking forward to the other climbing competition on the 18th at my gym... and bowling. Before, I was going to the gym out of boredom, but I finally have friends and plans and dilemmas. Dilemma example? I signed up for intramural soccer for April through June on Sundays, but I also have an interview to teach Sailing on the weekends. FYI: teaching sailing will pay for my trip to Greece AND possibly my membership to the expensive gym that I've been somehow paying for, but I love soccer. It's co-ed! Well, we'll see where I end up. Cheers.