Thursday, March 30, 2006

Everything is "A" OK

A little update for the masses...
I've been to two climbing competitions so far this year, and although I am still remote from winning, every comp has been a rewarding experience. There's another one coming up on April 8th in Stanford, CT. It's a top roping competition, which is perfect, because I can't boulder for my life and I haven't learned to lead climb yet. The last comp I went to, I won a raffle for one roundtrip plane ticket anywhere in the US, Canada or Caribbean, excluding Hawaii, of course. So, this next comp will have a lot to live up to. I'm hoping for clothing and equipment.

Speaking of equipment, remember how I was suppose to sell my kiteboard? Well the man, who said he was going to buy it, never showed up again, so I called the kite shop to see what the update was, and the shop owner said that I may as well pick it up, because nobody wants it, and it's "made for the west coast" whatever that means.

Oh, and I gave up using the microwave for lent. Some people at work were talking about how they never use a microwave, and of course I was thinking that I can't live without one. I expressed to my mom that perhaps if I stopped using the microwave, it would force me to be a better cook. The next thing I know, I got a ten piece cooking set from my mom. She called it "Support toward giving up the microwave for lent." I'm now two weeks shy of Easter, without cheating and my room mate told me that I've lost some noticeable weight. Obviously, I haven't become a better cook. So, I've decided to eat out for the rest of these two weeks, instead of trying to make a lunch and dinner that I don't want to eat. It's less expensive and healthier than cooking, so there's my solution.

This weekend is the first practice for FCB Softball. I think this league that I joined has other agencies that we play against. I haven't played softball in over 10 years, and I think it's suppose to rain on Saturday, but even then, it may be fun.

Work is alright. One of the accounts that I'm working on suddenly has no work, and the other one wasn't approved by the FDA, but I'm still optimistic. I was terrified that I was going to lose my job, because that's what happened when I freelanced. But they put me on another account, which was tedious, because this account needs help, and it was somewhat fun, because the new team is almost as friendly as the others.

I haven't been agressively searching for windsurfing buddies. Summer is quickly approaching and my board and sails are still in Boston. One of these weekends, I'm going to just hop on a train to Long Island and ask around for a windsurf shop.

Ideas? I have ideas. I think that sales reps should be designated to physicians by target market, NOT by region. For example, the hot male early 30s sales reps should be designated to 40-year-old divorcee women doctors. Since pharma companies don't believe that ad campaigns in magazines sell drugs, they should make their sales reps the ad campaigns. Cheers then.