Monday, April 10, 2006

Frustrated Incorporated

This is where the G-lines Newsletter takes a dark turn. Not really. I'm just in a bad mood. Every other day at work, I do my job, I try my hardest, and whether I have a lot of work or not, I always get a "Good Job" or "Impressive" or "Well Done." Well, last week, especially the second half, I worked so hard, I barely came up for air. This was the first time, where my time management skills were truly tested, and I had to make myself a little timeframe calendar to ensure that I finished everything by deadline. Well, I worked my ass off, and there was no "Good Job" at the end of the day. There was nothing. And this morning (day) is a continuation of last week (this entry is slowly being written throughout the day) and I believe I'm getting an apathetic vibe from my primary team. The reason is that everyone is too busy to react, just as I am, I guess, but I'm not asking for very much. I just want someone, anyone, to recognize how much work I've contributed by simply saying, "Good Job, Liz." If I heard that every day, then I would be fulfilled and everyday would be a better day than the day before. But anon, Friday was not that day.

Otherwise, my athletic lifestyle is treating me well. I am still at the rock gym. I competed in my third climbing competition this past weekend. I'm climbing solid 5.9's which is phenomenal... for me. I'm not quitting the gym, even though it's taking up too much time. I decided not to do the adult soccer league, because I'm on the company softball and soccer leagues. something tells me that I won't be windsurfing very often, which reminds me, I need to take a week off from work this summer, and spend it just windsurfing, all week. Perhaps I can use my free roundtrip plane ticket to go to Bonaire and just chill for a week. Okay, the pile on my desk tells me I must stop and attend to my planet. (I'm not crazy, it's a reference to the little prince) Cheers.