Friday, April 21, 2006

Work (ad)Ventures

So, as many of you know, I like adventures, excursions, and any excuse to detour for the scenic route. Just how my former high rise window washing team considered their vocations as an art, I consider finding adventures in Corporate America a creative challenge. I've been looking for ways to make some extra cash through my company. At first I tried to see how I could take advantage of this company, which was tough, because I love the company, and I didn't want to get fired. We made various creative pieces that refered to phone numbers and websites that didn't exist yet, so I decided to simply buy the tool-free number and the domain name, which the pharmaceutical company can buy from me later. This didn't work, because the pharma company was one step ahead of me, and bought the domain name already. My next idea was to buy stock the night before a product launched, but then I was told that was illegal, so I didn't do it. Now, an opportunity came up that would actually help the company and the people involved, including me. A few weeks ago, my boss boss came up to me with a smile on her face, which was strange because she rarely smiles and I'm afraid of the boss boss. She asked me if I knew any freelance copywriters, who would be interested in a full time position, and then she later hinted that I could be paid if they were hired. Of course I said, yes. So the next day, i posted an ad on craigslist, making sure that I didn't mention the company name, and I spent the last two weeks sifting through resumes on my lunch break. I found two ideal candidates and made them vow to keep the craigslist find a secret. I felt a little loserish, considering that I basically told them to tell everyone that we were friends. I'm going to Philly for the weekend. My friend, my real friend, James, joined the peace corp and he leaves for Guatamala next month, and I'm helping him remember Philly by going to his party. I will not be drinking, because this company "softball team" has tapped me dry.