Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A little TriBeCa culture never hurt no one

Finally the weekend began with Friday. I had stayed late after work on Thursday to go Tribeca Film festival shopping. Naturally, I started by looking up films by the country. I was hoping that Emir Kusturica had discovered New York film festivals, and perhaps I would get to meet him this weekend. So I looked up the Czech Republic, and there was only one film. Not only was there only one lousy Czech film, but it had nothing to do with the velvet revolution. History reference: In 1987-1991 the Czechs rebeled against the Soviets and managed to declared independence without ever going into battle, and they called it the velvet revolution. I have always been fascinated by this, and Czech films usually portray the political message with great suttlety, like their revolution. So I finally discovered a Czech film that had nothing to do with politics, but it was only playing during the week, and during the day. Then I glanced beyond the Czech flag and found a Croatian film that had politics and Soviets and Hagues, so I went to see it, and this film was so hilarious, I'm strongly considering finding the prequel. The film is called "Two players from the bench." And whenever I drag people to experience my interests, I'm always worried that I'll lose friends, because my taste is so "out there," but not when we saw this film. My only regret was that we had to sit and the second row, and I had to turn my head to read the subtitles, a lot.

On Saturday, I went to see a bunch of shorts with Jasmin and her friend, Aaron, that were mostly corny and sucky, except for one that was directed by Melissa Joan Hart, ironically. When I say these films are sucky, I'm saying that when each film was finished, everyone in the audience looked around for someone who understood the punchline. One of these films ended with a bunch of Italian men running through the streets of Rome taunting this limping young man to chase them.

On Sunday, I waited in line for two hours with Jasmin to see "Yo Soy Boriqua," directed by Rosie Perez. When we came to the front, the Tribeca crew told the two people in front of us that the film was sold out. GRRRR, so we went to see Akeelah and the Bee instead, which was predictable, but had a way to make the audience feel moved and applaud in the spirit of the film. I'm not saying predictable in a bad way. I walked in the theatre thinking that it was about a girl who wanted to win the spelling bee and eventually she did. I was right, but I was still seriously affected, when I found out that she couldn't go, or when other twists came through. Overall, this was a great weekend, filled with inspiring films.

Somewhere in between this crazy weekend, I also managed to squeeze in, "City of God," which won an Oscar for last years best foreign film. I'm not even gonna give any of it away, you should all see it. Yes, I've had my fill of inspiration, and I want to change the world again.

Yesterday (Monday) I went to take a ferry to New Jersey to interview for a job at Offshore Sailing school... Just a weekend job, don't worry mom. Anyway, I got lost and missed my ferry. But, on my walk, I hit the North Cove, home of Manhattan Sailing School. This place had sparking J24s (Nice boats) and the staff all had Mount Gay Rum hats, and the atmosphere reminded me of Community Boating. So, I'm applying there, INSTEAD. The night I went, the Volvo World Race was stopping there and there were live bands, and it reminded me of CBI, during a function, without the lobster bisque. I felt like I was home.