Sunday, May 21, 2006

As short-lived as the pony express

So, recently I had an entrpreneurial kick. Let me explain. I finally decided to follow through with some things. I applied to Manhattan Sailing Club, and it turns out that they weren't hiring, so I started a conquest to teach sailing, windsurfing or whatever I was qualified in, on the weekends. Basically, something in the sun that reflects the qualities of CBI. I took a "mystery trip" to Southampton. Not really, I was about to, but then I slept in and realized that the Southampton train runs every four hours on weekends and costs $30 roundtrip. So, I went to Rockaway Beach. It was beautiful. The waves were solid little east coast pipes. You could ride a shortboard on them. But no one was out surfing. I asked the ice cream man why and apparently the waves get better and these were sucky. I checked out the surf shops. They were alright. One of the surf shops has the whole Venice, CA team zephyr thing going on. (The first real freestyle skateboarding team) The owner of the shop told me how to get to Plumb beach, where the windsurfing is. By the time I got there, by way of the Brooklyn bus, ugh, I was there just in time to see windsurf boards being strapped back of the hoods of cars and taking off. I walked from Plumb beach to Sheepshead Bay, in search for the closest subway stop (from the directions of another ice cream truck guy) and I passed by the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club. i hesitated for a minute, but then randomly asked if there was a job opening. They needed a launch driver and offered to pay $11/ hr for the weekend. I still have my six pack license so I applied and I have a real interview on Monday. The best part about a launch driving position is that it doesn't require a lot of energy, so I can work 13 hour shifts and not cry, because I was playing cards with a member while waiting for someone who needs the assistance of a safety launch, and I'll get my summer tan, while keeping my real job.

These are the other ventures that are about to fall through. I just found out that doctors alter placebos or "sugar pills" in experiments so that the adverse effects are similar to that of the drug's effects. My opinion is that they shouldn't call it a sugar pill, but the doctors think that the placebo should mimic the effects of the drug, except curing the ailment that the patient has. That would be fine, except that this cover up allows people to say "side effects were similar to sugar pill" which is full of crap. I recently sent emails to all of the professors and doctors, who believe that placebos should have nothing more than sugar coating, and I told them that we should join forces and create an organisation (I spelt it with an "s" so they all thought I was british, haha) that regulates how placebos are made. I haven't heard a response. Maybe I should have spelt organization correctly.

Let's see... I also am tring to get my company to recycle. It will benefit everyone, and will save half the rainforest, but it will take a lot of work. I really want to follow through with this, because I honestly think that if the world realizes how much paper we will save, world peace will emerge. I need to find a way to request recycle bins and the whole recycling plan without reporting my company of an illegal act (not recycling), because that would suck.

The last thing I'm working on, I've been studying since my senior year of college. I'm not really at liberty to mention it all, but as soon as I finish the study, I want to write an article for Rolling Stone about this, and hopefully, it will be published. If you really want to know, then flip back to about a year ago, I know I mentioned it before.

Okay, so another fun thing happened this week. The infamous "FACE" awards, an office popularity contest, where employees vote for the worker who embraces the spirit of the company, or whatever. It was actually a lot of fun. They made a really funny video about inside jokes within the company. For instance, everyone in the office received these emergency first aid kits, but they have the strangest crap in them, like a "survival blanket" and fresh water packets and a rape whistle, you know, just in case. And finally someone made fun of it on this video.

I need to cut out now. Yes I'm aware that I still don't have pictures up, and I stopped promising them, for the record, but I am fully aware that I need to. This news letter is my online scrapbook, and a scrapbook looks wordy without pictures. Next time, I will talk about how the FCB softball team has turned me into a drunk.

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