Sunday, July 09, 2006

An entrpreneur's work is never done

A lot of updates... I felt like Conan O'Brien, just then. A lot of updates, a lot of special guests on our show tonight, so much stuff to cover that we can't waste any more time, and yet we are. So, here's my entrepreneur to do list, which will double as a table of contents for this looong entry:

[] Put together Custom Show presentation for FCB Healthcare and present it in the occasional forum

[] August 14, begin to put together Custom Show presentation for Robert Hargrove

[] Get someone hired by FCB healthcare

[] 'Reel in' a client for FCB healthcare

[] Project "Just" to be completed Aug 13th

[] Get a genealogy test at Harvard University

[] Finish novel "Robbi's Mix"

[] Keep everyone updated on the entrepreneurial blog!!!

So, as briefly mentioned in the last entry, I discovered how Custom Show, a form of presentation software, can help sales reps be tracked down in pharma companies. In the last few months, falling short of my performance review, I've been working on a presentation to present to the FCB forum, which is sporatically held throughout the year. No one has gotten back to me as to when this is specifically, but when it comes, I will be prepared.

I shared my idea with Robert Hargrove, an entrepreneur, himself, who travels the world making presentations and teaching CEOs how to be great leaders and has recently hired others to do the same thing and he seemed interested, because using this software, he can keep track of his employees. So, he enjoyed the idea and I may have another client on my hands as well.

The creators of Custom Show have agreed to pay me 10% of each purchase of the software. How expensive is it? Well, one of the Custom Show reps said that my compensation for one sale of software is enough to put a down payment on a house.

Another "in house investment" is my struggle to recruit someone to the FCB healthcare team, which is quite difficult, because the HR person I was dealing with had just quit unannounced, which many are doing, due to the merger. But this shouldn't have been a problem, because this is opening up more positions, which for some reason I can't recruit someone to fill. So, I have a new HR person, who has agreed to let my recruit in for an interview as promised by the old HR person. Compensation is between 1 and 3,000 depending that the position is acquired for at least 6 months. eh.

A career long goal at FCB was to gain a client for the company. After a brief dabble in the field, I discovered that this was harder than I thought, so I pushed the deadline from 6 months to life. And, now, it seems as though this goal is closer than ever, certainly closer than anything else on my list. Go figure. So, my dad, his friend and a former client of mine have started a company that makes software that manages clinical trials. Can you tell where my entrepreneurial spirit comes from? They just received a big grant, and a large investment is expected. Next thing I know I get an IM from dad asking ME if FCB could offer them marketing services on a budget of 2 mil a year. What? I sent this very strange email to the boss, boss, boss. I mean it was strange, because it was a nice presentation pitch, it mentioned the company, its product and budget, but it was in my waif-like childish words. It couldn't have been that bad, because I got a meeting with her, where I passed on the contact info for these guys. I kept unintentionally implying, "Please take this off my hands before I royally screw it up,"
which the boss boss boss picked up easily. But she couldn't have taken it to heart. I mean, people spend a lot of time and money to ensure that people like me don't directly communicate to the client. They are called Account Execs!!! Anyway, this has to look good on my record. I'm bringing in 2 mil a year minus the cost of labor and my measely joke of a salary. For that, they can't afford to fire me, but in a merger, the gazelle is never safe. I hoping for a raise, a bonus, a pat of the back even, but nothing is promised.

The next idea, Project "Just" is JUST around the corner. It costs money, and who knows if I'll ever get it back, but my tunnel vision has got the best of me. We'll see. This is where the gambler starts saying. "I'm not losing money, I'm paying for the entertainment of playing," and I am. August 13th is when I'll know what I've invested. That's National Lefty Day. You can't lose on a holiday celebrating your left hand.

Okay, so I'm a writer. I wouldn't be a writer if my novel in the making wasn't on this list. Case in point.

The genealogy test won't make me any money, it will help me determine where I came from. Yes, I look exactly like both my parents, but I don't believe that a girl that tans like a Sicilian and has Slav-like almond eyes is Scottish, French, Welsch, German, and English. No way. So, I'm having a genealogy test to find out what I am. and I discovered that this test exists from watching "Afirican-American Lives" where black celebrities took this test to find out where there African ancestry originated. And this idea will be put on the back burner, because only a celebrity can afford it.

That's it for now. I'm reading Thom August's book, "Nine Fingers," and it's very good. Very inspiring. Ciao Bellas. Bellos.