Friday, July 28, 2006

with ten miles down, ten thousand more to go...

There has been only one major update on my little list. After TWO people from HR quit on me while promising my recruit an interview, I randomly get an email from my recruit saying that he has an interview, and that we should meet for lunch afterwards. At lunch he informed me that he got freelance work from them and that he starts Tuesday. Yay! That’s one venture accomplished, and if he stays for at least 6 months then my investment was well worth it.

Everything else is either on hold or I have to wait out a particular date to move forward with the particular project. I haven’t done anything with the novel, simply because they’ve been working me like a dog, recently.

There have also been some recent events that have shaped me in some form.

--This weekend, my friend Olga and I completed our second triathlon and were so inspired that we’re doing another one on Labor Day weekend called The Boston Triathlon
--I got another iPod, so I’m back in the culture that shuns down on those reading books on the train (yes, this makes me a hypocrite)
--I’ve always wanted to learn a language, and I was on the fence between Spanish and French. I chose French and uploaded “Mastering French” on my iPod
--My joke of a raise is more than what I’m making at the Yacht club, so I quit to make more weekend time
--I’m getting internet and cable TV on the same day, so now I know how to fill up those weekends
--I'm taking off work in a few weeks so I can volunteer at Community Boating... and windsurf non-stop for a whole week

A few thoughts: Even though I can officially check off something on my entrepreneur's list, it's been slow, but I keep reminding myself of the only useful quote in the film Waking Life. "The difference between us and that man up there [randomly clinging to the telephone pole] is that we're all theory with no action, and he's all action with no theory. If we could only combine the two..." I just need to keep reminding myself to combine the two. This blog means nothing, unless I actually respond with action and results, and I promise that everything will eventually be checked off.