Monday, August 14, 2006

You did this to did

"Dream on, but don't imagine that they all come true." -Billy Joel
Sometimes, you're fighting to get nowhere and you have to drop your tunnel vision and move on. My company has officially signed an expensive contract with Proscape, a presentation software that does pretty much what Custom Show does. Actually it only does half of what Custom Show does, but they are not budging. I lost it, so I have to drop this idea and move on to potential clients like Robert Hargrove, who is actually engagingly interested in this product.

As for Project Just. I have finished the research, finally, and it's just a matter of analyzing the research and writing my article, and as soon as my work lets me out at a decent hour, I will get to that.

I just finished spending a week at Community Boating, which became a blur after a week at this place, but for one week I was stress-free and made new little sailing friends, and I remembered how much I love working with kids. I WAS a kid the week I was there. I paid two kids to buy a 2 liter bottle of diet coke and a pack of mentos, just so I could watch the diet coke geyser, which does happen. I also went windsurfing everyday, raced powerboats, went to the bar at 4 in the afternoon and neglected to put on sunblock so I could develop a delicious tan in a week. If I won the powerball, I would volunteer at Community Boating all the time, and I would fund the place, so they wouldn't have to barely get by every year.

I added something else onto my list. If you've been reading my blog regularly, you;d know that I'm currently in the process of getting a client for my company, which is going well--I just have to keep bucking two incredibly busy people to stay in contact with each other. This is rough, because I honestly thought that the magic would work itself out after each party had each others contact, but no. So aside from that, I thought of what my dream job would be. Other than being a washed out beach bum that would make even Jimmy Buffet jealous, I really want to write for Humulin insulin, which is supplied by Eli Lilly. I know type I diabetes better than anything, and this is a huge product with consumer ads and tons of promotional pieces. I could find out what agency has this account and start applying, OR I could somehow get FCB this account, that way I could stay here with my team. So, my next plan is to get the Humulin and Humulog accounts for FCB. Obviously this isn't on this years to do list, but because I have a huge ego, I think it's attainable.

My French is getting better by the day. There is one thing that I have been consistently trying to keep doing around my work schedule, and that is listening to Mastering French. I now listen to the Pimsleur tapes, because the guy goes over pronounciation and advanced syntax, while the Mastering French guy saids, "This is how you say this long phrase" I think I'll remember it more if I know each word, and since I've been listening to Pimsleur, I've been creating new sentences using the new words and syntax that I've learned. My dad always said that I have a head for languages, especially French, and I'm finally starting to believe him. My mom, who actually speaks decent French, hasn't said that to me yet, but she will. When I went home for the week, we both started each morning speaking in French, while making breakfast, which had improved my vocabulary tremendously.

So, with the large workload and the French stuff, something has to take a backseat. I was working on the reading comprehension part of the GMAT, and I took a practice test in that section, did awful, then learned the section, learned the tricks, went over practice problems. Then I took another practice test, and did worse. Reading comprehension is my worst subject on this thing. It's one of the reasons why I quit studying this stuff the first time, so I'm just going to finish my french tapes, move on to french 3 and 4 and so on, until I admit to myself that I'm procrastinating this GMAT crap. If the GMAT were a person, it would be dangling an MBA degree with my name on it, and every time I jump up to grab it, GMAT would pull it out of my reach. That bitch.

Memorable quote of today: "All weeds can be flowers, if you get to know them." -Eeyore (as seen on the cap of my Honest Tea at lunch)

Wow, patheticism defines me today.