Sunday, September 03, 2006

Medicus is medicinal

So, I hate keeping secrets, especially from those who actually enjoy reading this, but there was some information that had to be kept in my actions and thoughts, and simply could not be leaked through to the "media." In the month of September, I had been actively searching for another job. I was searching for the same healthcare copywriter position, but I was especially looking for something in diabetes. The search started out very well. Within the first week of searching, I had two interviews lined up. One with Euro on the LANTUS account and the other with Gray and the EXUBERA account. I started off with the Euro interview, where I took an extended lunch, in place of a much needed doctor's appointment. To my surprise, the position had be filled before I even got there, and I stirred up my current employer with an elongated lunch and nothing to show for it but my growling stomach. So I went on to Gray Healthcare. I was researching this new inhaler insulin product, and soon found out that this inhaler works like chewing tobacco, with tiny chards of glass cutting through the lung cavity to bring insulin to the blood stream. NO THANK YOU.

So, at mid-month and my favorite senior copywriter gone, I was desperate for an interview. I was recommending a friend of a friend to one of the recruiters, and he nonchalantly responded, "Are you looking for a new job?" I hadn't put two and two together until now. Before I knew it, i was taking a much needed sick day, and filling it with three interviews.

The first one was with HR at Brand Pharms. It was short and uneventful, seeing as I was presenting my portfolio to HR and no one else. The second interview was with Medicus. Something suddenly clicked. I wasn't selling myself or presenting myself anymore. I was laughing and joking and chatting up why I loved healthcare so much. When I left, I asked myself if I got out of an interview, or a lunch with friends, and yet I was hoping that they would take me seriously. The third interview took close to three hours. There's nothing like wrapping up the day with a three hour interview. It began pretty standard. HR asked me where I saw myself in ten years. I presented my portfolio to four different people, telling the same punchlines. Ha Ha. All was well. the CD liked me and then I interviewed with some sour face who literally said "Be careful what you wish for...there is so much work. I hope you know, you're looking at long hours here." Way to sell the company, guy. So, the thing with Medicus happened so quickly. I had a second interview, and now I start next week. And I'm very excited. Everything that was mentioned with the company processes is exactly what the issue is with FCB. Every account at Medicus has there own studio person. Everyone sits and collaborates together, and brace yourself, they all seemed to enjoy what they do. And one thing that I noticed that I picked up on, was that this brand that I was applying for is in the middle of a launch (Launch= more work= long hours at FCB)and it was 6PM, but everyone had gone HOME. This is monumental. It means that people in this agency are organized and use their time efficiently. Wow!