Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two kings have come together!

I read about the Youtube owners in the Sunday Globe this past weekend. These two kids just sold Youtube to google for 1.6 billion dollars. Below is the link to their Youtube video that they recorded shortly after their sale, and when I see this video, I think, I want to be these kids. This is exactly why I want to be an entrepreneur, so I can make a billion dollar sale and joke around and relax, and be fulfilled and proud of my accomplishments. That must be a great feeling, and I partially feel this when I see this video of them. That's why I'm so inspired by this story, and these kids are only slightly older than me. So this story tells me that I can accomplish the same thing, and it makes me feel good. awww.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ja make me wanna...

Okay, so I'm stretching my fingers out and openning my eyes wide, because I know this is gonna be a long one, but WAY past due.

I first saw the film, Life and Debt, while I was freelancing and still living on Drexel's campus (I may have even blogged about it) This film is so inspiring, and everytime I see it, I try to think of ways to shut down the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and help countries like Jamaica. So the [true] story goes that Jamaica was under the British rule for so long, but like most countries that aren't British (that was a joke), Jamaica wanted to be independent. But independence also meant that they had to carry their own debt, and when they declared independence and fell into debt, they were desperate for a loan and made the biggest mistake by turning to the American-bred, largest loan shark in the world, for money. The international monetary fund passes themselves off as an altruistic being that provides opportunities for smaller underpriveleged countries, through monetary "support." But with the loan comes hidden catches that puts these at-risk countries further into debt and poverty, and Life and Debt describes Jamaica's struggle in dealing with the IMF. Jamaica had to promise that they wouldn't export any of their materials and that they would import 80% of all their produce from the US. They had to open up US clothing sweat shops, where they rarely see their weekly pay. The list goes on, but this whole situation made me think, honestly, where is the altruism and where's the opportunity? How can a country flourish on its own in such a twisted situation. It's obvious that the IMF is investing themselves in a situation where all of these underprivileged countries will just get further into debt, and will keep having to pay the IMF through eternity.

So, it's in my heart that I find a solution that 1) Helps these small countries get out of debt, the initial claim of the IMF, and 2) Puts the IMF permanently out of commission and forever abandoned. Muhammad Yunus connected world peace with the abolishment of poverty in his recent book, leading to his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize...

So the IMF lent 180 million dollars to Jamaica with the primary end point of Jamaica going into further debt, which is now at 7 trillion dollars. In order to promise a country that is in escalating debt, meaning the debt increases at a faster rate, each year, you can't just give Jamaica a flat loan, unless of course that loan is 7 trillion dollars. You must give them a loan that escalates, like a business. I'm sure for 180 million dollars, one could think of something. Gordon "Butch" Stewart used the savings from his air conditioning unit company to build 18 hotels also known as the Sandals Resorts, which now makes billions of dollars a year. So my plan would be to take that seed money from the IMF and turn it into an investment for a public hotel resort. All of the net income goes into Jamaica's pocket. And for an altruistic spin on it, I think it would be cool if I build a hotel resort, and everyone is thinking, wow, just another hotel resort build by some selfish American, and then I turn around and flat out give the company to the government. The organization would be called JAMAI (acronym to be determined) and this would be the first of many businesses that I would open for other countries. I would start this project with small countries like Jamaica, and then escalate to other countries on the IMF death list. There are 90 other countries who are in the same position that Jamaica is in, and most of these countries have a valuable resource that the IMF has restricted. So far, my plan has extended to other countries that are hot tourist spots. The solution is simple, build a hotel, advertise free will, and build a buzz that people will run to. I think the anti-IMF campaign is good enough. And then there are countries that are too arid for life, that have very little resources, and these countries will be helped eventually, but may take more seed money, and a better plan. So this plan has started out to screw over the IMF, but it has escalated to my little plan for world peace. and that's it.