Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Business clothing line keeps men at play

When I started working, I noticed that men are often just as in-tuned with what they wear as women are. Dressing in a particular suit with particular accessories gives men the confidence to give a better presenation, or become more clever and focused, when meeting with their client. Many times, I've seen my male co-workers with their watch for special occasions and their "Yankees" suit, usually pinstriped, for good luck (remember, I'm in New York.) Although men also have a drive to impress through fashion, they seem to lack their own personal taste. The watch that they save for special occasions looks good, because it looks expensive. They have a preferred power tie, because their wife likes it, and they favor the pinstripe suit, because the Yankees wear pinstripes. We need to encourage the everyday working (straight) male to be able to pick and choose clothing based on their preferences, which will give them a sense of style and identity.

So, in order to introduce style to men, and have them keep wearing their nice suits, when they come home after work, I've decided to come up with my own clothing line. These suits introduce the common interest of sports to fashion.

My idea is to take a decent suit and line the inside with either jersey backs, or a sheek design that subtley encompases the favored sports team logo. And embroidered in the same color as the suit on the right breast will be the team logo. Now this embroider is going to be very subtle, almost like a watermark. I think a subtle sports themed blazer with comfortable double-lined suit pants would make men feel proud to wear their suit and show off their team colors, without looking sloppy.

And to push this a little further, have you noticed that when insane sports fans go to games, they always are wearing sweats and t-shirts. This is because, currently sport team attire is only available in t-shirts and sweatshirts and warmup pants. Imagine a sports arena filled with men in finely cut suits. I think that's pretty intimidating.