Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jog your way to Barbell!

My friends and I have an ongoing quest to be our own bosses, so we scheme and dream of opening up a business in the city. I decided to take this to the next level, by developing the idea and seeing if this business is actually viable.

The first idea we colletively came up with was "Barbell," a bar that mixes the hot club and music scene with the LA active lifestyle. This athletic-themed bar will have a tower of windows hovering over the dance floor, with a "go-go dancer" running on a treadmill or lifting weights in each window, which is lit by a bright light of different colors. All go-go dancers on the floor will be working out to the music. Both healthy energy drinks and alcohol will be served. This will be a trend-setting exclusive club that will only let in celebrities and those dressed in fashionable athletic wear. Barbell will later add on a gym that will hold nutrition classes and will promote cardio that club dancing provides. There is a large sub-culture of New Yorkers who are health-nuts and granola, whole food shopping, working out junkies, and so naturally a New York bar needs to open to cater to their needs. I see this bar doing well. It's not as developed as other ideas, but I like the fact that everyone each came up with an idea that helped develop this vision, down to the title.

Ok, I'm going climbing now.