Monday, January 15, 2007

REDESIGN: Setting the G-lines Newsletter back in its track

I was viewing some of the wacky blogs that I wrote, back when I didn't have a "real" job and when the fate of me moving to Baja, Puerto Rico, LA, Philly, Las Vegas etc etc turned on a dime. And I realized that I'm turning into a real bore. The weekend happens and I download music and do laundry. In August 2005, I was entered in a surfing contest, windsurfing in the cape, moving to Bonaire, and going on climbing trips in one weekend, alone. It's about time the G-lines Newsletter got back on track, and out of the rutt that current management has forced upon me. So, look forward to more excitement, more spills, more lifemore trips to exotic places, and consider this past year a chapter to be edited out. In fact, consider this blurb an official apology from the Newsletter claiming that there has been a miscommunication of facts from the last year. "Please understand that the claim that G-lines is a boring individual is fallacy and this fact update will change the face of publications to come."