Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who is that guy?

I'm looking into it. Some say that these guys are an everyday couple named Mark and Marta, although I doubt it. Other sources say that the guy is Atreyu from the Never Ending Story. Like I said, I'm looking into it...

I went to www.rembrandt.com and they ARE a real couple named Marta and Mark. Marta better watch her back.

Hey, if you buy'em, L'Chaim!

The update:
I just came from the eye doctor, and I can barely see, but I'll give this blog update a try. The eye doctor experience was a little scary given that I've never had my eyes checked...ever, but I had all these tests done and my pupils dilated, and I need a .5 prescription for reading glasses, because I spend too much time at the computer. Go figure. I like my new eye doctor. He was very thorough and I trust his judgement, but when I asked for contacts instead of glasses, he said, "Liz, this is for function, not fashion!" so I got glasses.

So, next week I'm going on my first business trip ever. My assignment is to go to the Asthma Convention in San Diego, and attend symposiums that relate to my drug, and also pretend to be a doctor and collect as much competitive material as possible. Yes, it is an extra benefit to be in San Diego, but I'm so excited about the whole "business trip" part of it that the convention could be in Bumfuck, Minnesota and I would still go with an anticipated smile on my face. But since it's in San Diego, I have slealthfully planned some early morning surf sessions with friends in the area who will work with my inability to conform to jetlag during sleep hours.

I went to California a few years ago, when I won an essay writing contest and met the Bangles. I survived the short trip by pumping my system with red bull the entire time, and I don't consider next week to be any different. Red Bull will be my jetlag solution.

I have a new money plan. I'm currently paying off school, and when I'm finished, I'd like to move to Manhattan. Recently, I've been spending a LOT of time in UES, and I like the atmosphere of families, kids, dogs and joggers. Anyway, moving away from that...

The swimup pool bar in Manhattan has created a lot of hype, so I'm currently sticking with that idea.

Oh yeah, so the title of this blog pertains to this musical that I recently saw called, In The Heights. It's about living in Washington Heights, and it's the first hip-hop musical that I've ever seen. It was absolutely amazing. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote, directed and stars in this soon-to-be Broadway musical. During the play they say, "If you buy'em, L'chaim," which is my new favorite quote, because it encourages you to take and enjoy opportunities offered to you.

Speaking of which, my dad works for a company that has created this open-source software. Everyone currently uses this software, so the product is successful, but now it's time for the company to make money and they need VCs to get to the next step, so I figured that I can make an extra buck somehow...but how?

I could find VCs to invest, or I could hire someone to write a how to book, like Unix and Linux did. But recently, I discovered that many open-source software creators simply don't make money, so I guess I'll just stick to the swimup bar idea.