Thursday, March 22, 2007

Moving vacationers from Bonaire to Margarita

I'm currently in the middle of this new business opportunity. I'm very excited about it, because it involves both windsurfing and advertising, which are two of my passions. Let's begin with a history...

Hyannis, Cape Cod is a popular vacationing spot for windsurfing, but the small year round population is a close community, where any marketing about any product travels through word of mouth. In 1999, the "King of the Cape," a freestyle competition, was created to serve the burgeoning interest of windsurfing on the cape, and had a $10,000 purse, which triggered a worldwide competitive spark. This travel agent sponsored these kids from Bonaire to come and compete. So, on the day of the event, Pro-windsurfers, cape-codders, beach bums and these kids from Bonaire came to participate and these kids swept the entire competition and took home all the money. So when everyone saw these kids do all these new unseen tricks, where did they want to go for vacation? Bonaire! And who did they ask? The travel agent who sponsored them to come to the Cape!

So, now everyone from the cape goes to Bonaire, and that's the only place they ever go!

But, my friend Addy is investing in a hotel in Margarita, another awesome windsurfing area, and has put together a great plan that can get people a great trip for half the price, including airfare and rental equipment. He's putting together marketing materials, and my job is to go to the Cape Cod Wahines party and open my big mouth.

Because I taught windsurfing for 7 years, I've become very aware and involved with the windsurfing community in the Cape area, so I look forward to doing my part.

That's the big story.

My friends and I are also trying to compile a book based on emails we write to each other during work. Most of them involve updating each other on current work stories, and to be honest, I think if we get our act together, it could do very well. I've often burst out laughing unannounced while at my desk.

Also, this weekend is the Chelsea Piers climbing competition, but I just got over being very sick, so I'm rethinking whether or not, I should still compete. I climbed a 5.10b two weeks ago so I think I can do much better than last year, but I don't want to get sick again or prolong my recovery.

Ok, cheers.