Thursday, April 12, 2007

If not now, when?

I believe New York is the only place where subliminal messages can flow through you while you're walking down the street. I was doing just this, strolling down the street somewhere around Times Square. I suddenly got the thought in my head, "If not now, when?" and then I realized that I must have seen this message on a flashy billboard, but when I looked up again to find it, everything else just seemed flashier, and this message was lost. But I kept repeating in my head, "If not now, when?"

I did surprisingly well at the climbing competition, considering that I was sick. I came in third in the intermediate class, and I couldn't believe it. I won all this stuff, and later when I looked up my scores on the web site, I realized that all the people I supposedly beat were actually bumped up to the open class, leaving me third in intermediate.

So, the windsurfing business venture went well. I talked with these inspiring windsurfing men and women, had a few drinks and gathered some critical information in the process. In this month's issue of Windsurfing magazine, Prowindsurfer Tati Frans is documented windsurfing in Margarita. Margarita is becoming the next hot spot for affordable, resort-quality windsurfing. The main issue was that there is no longer a direct charter flight from Miami to Margarita, and the layover is in Caracas of all places. Not an airport known for its timely flights or 5 star hotels, which has recently put the standstill for American Tourism in Margarita. Yay! I feel like I figured out a mystery. So, now my buddy is working with other resorts that are suffering from the Caracas detour, and he's trying to get a charter flight oraganized again from Miami to Margarita. If this speed bump is smoothed out, there may be a jibe at the end of the carve (windsurfing comedy). I'm excited, because it has been decided that I try out the resort to report back my great time to the Cape Codders.

In other news, I'm going to be watching my first jello wrestling tournament on Saturday, and I'm psyched. I decided that I'm going to dress like I'm going to a boxing match, because the event is organized so that there are different heats and a headliner fight with my good friend from college versus my highschool classmate. It should be different. I hope no one gets hurt.

Question: So, if pressure increases as you go into water, then is it possible that the humidity in the air could affect air pressure? This is like a 7th grade science project, but I'm curious.

New Ideas: Umm, can we please get cell phone service at least on the subway platform? I was kicked off of the E train and tried to send a text message to my boss notifying her that I was going to be late, but I had to hang over the turnstile, so the message would send and I wouldn't waste a trip on my Metro card.

Also, with the "T" line to be completed by 2012 and Harlem becoming the "extended upper east side" I say it is wise to invest in property in Harlem right now. That is all.