Monday, April 30, 2007

You ain't cuz you not

I've fallen, and I've only recently discovered this. I'm not talking about spiritually. I mean, I have been "excited" to do healthcare projects that have all these limitations, and I forgot about consumer agencies where you think outside of the black box. I discovered again what excitement really is. I was sitting on the train, today and I discovered that the man next to me was reading this magazine with all these amazing prize-winning advertisements. I don't usually do this, but I asked this random guy where he got the magazine and he mentioned that he was in this ad club in New York, and we talked back and forth, and I found out all about this club and the competitions they have, and how if you win in the competition, your company recognizes you and you can get a lot of leverage like a raise, on top of the cash prize from the contest. So, I'm bought. I'm gonna recruit an art director to work with me on all of those projects that have been rejected because of the big black box. Oh, and the guy on the train let me keep the magazine.

I'm pumped to work now. I have that extra boost that I lose when Im not inspired by good copy and clever ads. The website for the club is Check out the commercials in the competition. They're hilarious.

I decided to quit my expensive Chelsea Piers gym, because I can now. My year contract is up, and I think I'll join a NYSC where it's easy to get to because there are hundreds of them in the city.

Regarding the windsurfing business venture, Addy's still trying to bring back the Miami-Margarita direct flight, which is quite difficult as one could imagine. I suggested that he try to get the other bigger windsurfing schools in on it, because this would benefit them as well. I'm not sure if he took my advice or not.

Yay, back in the game. Trying to write things in a little notebook like Kurt Vonnegut did. Rest his soul.