Monday, May 28, 2007

Sesame Streets

I was looking for Scorcese trailers on You tube and I came across this. It's really funny to see the characters that you associate with childhood saying quotes from the Godfather and Goodfellas.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You are coming to a sad realization

Okay, so I hope you like the video clips I've picked out. I found out very recently that I had Monday off, and everyone around me had plans already, so I decided on Friday that I would just use this time to relax and gt some stuff done.

First let me catch you up on some things. After deciding that I wanted to do my own advertising project, I decided that I would help my friend Addy in the process. I had decided to make a press kit that would convince airlines, initially Jetblue, to offer a direct flight from the US (primarily Miami) to Margarita. And the pieces to this project just kind of fit together in my head. So, I decided to just go for it, and I'm glad I did, because the further I research, the more confident I feel that this can happen.

Two weekends ago, we had quite the first photoshoot. I recruited some surfers from Boston, and what made the photoshoot so successful, was the energy and fun that came from our team. We took about two hundred photos, while walking around Boston with these kids who were lugging their surf boards everywhere. People started to stop them and ask in a teasing manner "Where's the surf?" and they responded "Yeah, we're doing a photoshoot for Jetblue." The response was astonishing. We had people watching us like we were celebrities. A group of giggly girls stopped these guys and got their picture taken with them, and when we went to eat lunch at Papa Razzi, the general manager was treating us like we were VIP. And the photos that came from this fun and exhausting day were really good. It has inspired me to continue with the not so fun part of the project.

Now I have to do the research to convince major airlines that a direct flight to Margarita is worth investing in. And so far the research has been supportive and convincing. If only it wasn't such a beautiful weekend, I may have gotten more done. haha

So, I started my weekend by going to Taj for my roommate's 25th birthday, and I treated this night like a prom. I got out of work at 1 (everyone did). I got a manicure, pedicure and facial. I bought sandals and a new bra to match my dress. And we had a blast. More than fifty people that she knew were there, including someone I went to high school with. Ten people stayed in my cramped apartment that night. Two people fit in my roommate's bed, two on the couch, four on the floor in the kitchen. Someone was in my bed and Nanu and I were up and went to sleep when three people left, so then I took my bed and she took the inflatable mattress (that no one could find until I got there). See? Ten people can stay in my apartment.

The next morning, we went to a diner nearby, and later I went running on the brooklyn bridge. The next day, I played in a long pick up game of soccer with people from Trinidad and Italy, and I went to Central Park to look for another pickup game, but didnt find one, so I went swimming at Chelsea Piers (my membership expires on June 6th). On my train ride home I saw someone that I played soccer with that morning. I went home to recharge, and went to a drum circle, which was an open invitation, which initially looked like a jam session, but it wasn't. I didn't like it. They were modern day unskilled hippies, who I'm sure were all slightly retarded.

Have you ever been to a design class, where someone tries to bullshit their way through a critique by saying stuff like "Because the sky is blue and peaceful, I wanted to portray the opposite, so the opposite color of blue is yellow. That's why there's a lot of red in the piece"? This is not logical, I know, but the professor would nod like he understood. This is how I felt when I was in this circle. There were a bunch of instruments in a circle, and after a minute of silence people would pick up instruments and play what they felt was right. It was fucking weird, and I had to pay 10 bucks to do it, so I stayed. I wanted to get my money's worth, so I played along and tried my best to blend in, which was easy, because the number one rule is that there are no mistakes. When it was over I picked up my drum and in my mind I said 'never again.' I also wondered what the ensemble was like. People were talking earlier of a professional ensemble that played the same thing. I was on my way out, when I was stopped by the cult's leader. He told me that they all really want me to come back because apparently beating the drum out of rhythm with a kazoo is remarkable talent and they need percussionists. He also hinted that there is room for a percussionist in the "elite" ensemble. What have I done? What have I done?

There's an episode of America's Next Top Model, where the models have to dress themselves as Japanese hipsters, which has a lot very flashy bright mismatching colors. The winner of that task looked at the camera and bluntly said "Honestly, I just put a bunch of sh** together, pretending I had no fashion sense whatsoever" That's how I felt coming out of that "music" session. If I ever do come back, I will drag my friends along, as a joke and tell them to put a dollar in the envelope instead of ten...

So, this morning I made a chicken, spinach and cheddar omlette, and I plan on excrcising in the city, going to the photo store to pick up a set of prints for my apartment, and find my apartment super and ask him to help me with my ad project. I need someone who speaks Spanish, because I have to call two Venezuelan airline carriers and ask them questions about why they don't fly direct anymore.

My friend just texted me. She's back in the city. I forgot to mention that I missed my friends and really wanted to spend time with them this weekend.

One more thing. I recently discovered that I have 3 huge cavities. I was told that I would need 3 root canals, no question. But She has fully dug out two of my cavities and filled them. I was in pain, but it disappeared this weekend, so it seems as though my high tolerance for pain has come in handy, even though it got me in trouble for not feeling the cavities in the first place. I still have the biggest cavity left, so I'm crossing my fingers that the same thing will happen. Peace.

Earl Woods Tribute

I saw this video and it brought me to tears knowing that Tiger's dad died this past year.

But the video is a very well made montage of their friendship growth, how Tiger improved his swing.

Nike will be showing this commercial for Father's Day again.