Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Whack Ending

So, I wouldn't be a real blogger if I neglected to blog about my disappointment in the Sopranos series finale. I think the surprised, yet slightly disgusted look on my face stayed until I went to bed. Then as the similar reaction surfaced in the next few days, I searched through the web with othr hopefuls to find a real solution. I came across one that accompanied a disclaimer stating that I was a schlamil to not have known what happenned, but I surpassed this claim, because this ending interpretation was so creative.

I chose to decide that Tony died and the shot was in his perspective, hence the sudden black blank ending. And I think, in hindsight, that Chase is ingenius to show the end of Tony's life in his perspective. So the sudden black without a real ending. That's what death is.

And after my choosing, I thought. Is this what happens after death? Do we emerge from the black and say "WTF! How did I end? Where's the closure? Did my cable go out?"?