Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mass Transit

So, I believe the last time I blogged about mass transit was the MTA strike. Because I now depend almost entirely on the MTA, I am happy to say that this is not the case.

Having received many 10-15 minute phone calls from Kitty on her walk to work, I knew that her commute was much different than mine, so when I walked her to her work on Friday, I knew there would be a major contrast in my daily routine and I spent the entire walk trying to explain just how different it was.

We exited her suburban apartment, a two-family really, and headed down the sidewalk following rows of trees. As we started in conversation, I noticed the morning light flickering through the green and brown. Real morning light. As we continued, I noticed that we were the only two people taking this path to work. I saw a few faces, that Kitty recognized as the same crossing guard, or the same kids walking to school, but they soon fell behind as we kept walking. Sometimes, the road we were walking on was so scarce, we were wandering throughout the middle of the road. We arrived at a coffee shop, where I felt relief to long lines and crowded seating.

I explained to Kitty that our work travel hardly compares...
I arrive on a crowded platform, and the first train arrives in Journal Square. Half of the crowd joins hundreds more on a train arriving at the WTC. From there, about one hundred commuters join me as I trek up the stairs and around the corner to switch trains. From there, we join hundreds more as we start the E train. Everyday I see twenty faces switch from the jersey train to the E train, but I never see those same faces again. When I do see a familar face, I feel like a lottery winner.

One more thought. When I was in Boston, I thought that mass transit pertained to Massachusetts. Now I understand the true meaning...not just transit, but moving masses of people.