Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Never-ending Project

Sometimes, a particular project is destined to take forever, no matter how much experience you have in project management. My windsurf project is a fine example of that. I finally finished the rough draft, and I have co-workers and friends proofreading it before I put the thing into layout. Work in the real world has been a little hectic due to multiple projects being due in the same day, but this has encouraged me to continue with my project, because there are more than just bumps in the road that we have to cross before projects are considered complete in the real world.

I can't wait for this project to be complete.
I can't wait to truck the press release around to show airlines that Americans want to travel to Margarita.
More importantly, I can't wait until I see the results of what my work has done. Hopefully, airlines will be changing courses, people will have more options and my friends windsurfing school will flourish as it should. I will be upset if this whole thing blows over without the earth shaking a little.

I'm going to Los Angeles tomorrow for 6 days--a straight week of surfing, running and pretending to be a celebrity. My friends are excited to see an actor or musician, but I think it would be something to be photographed accidentally, because they think I'm someone of great importance. I plan on wearing the huge sunglasses and smotherring hat, because I don't really look like anyone recognizable...other than myself.