Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Me and My Llama

I've always wanted to live in Manhattan, you know, with my pet llama. Now I remember why.

Beating the odds

So, things have been slowing down recently in terms of the windsurfing project. It's still in layout, but we're waiting to get some answers before we continue with art to save some time and money, but as soon as this is done, we will pretty much be done and ready to print. And from there, we will be able to send this piece to small airline carriers.

This is very exciting stuff. And although, I'm superpsyched about the results of this, like most entrepreneurs, I have moved on to other things.

When I was in college, I signed up with Marlboro to receive free cigarette coupons for the sole purpose of getting a free lighter when I signed up. Since I don't smoke, I ended up giving the coupons and the lighter to someone else, but every couple of months, I still receive mail from Marlboro. And I still pass my coupons on to friends who do smoke. Well, just recently, I received an elite invitation to enter in this lame contest. Usually, I would trash it, but something told me to read through it. I found out the the odds of winning the grand prize are 1/100,000 and that those odds are based on the assumption that everyone will participate. Now I know the odds are still high, but they are unusually low for contest like this, so I'm playing for the odds.

But I've actually "moved on" to something more promising. I'd like to continue the dream of writing for PBS, so I've decided to write a few pieces to send and do some volunteering for PBS in New York.

On another note, I have narrowed down where I want to live when I grow up, in a sort of prose:

I picture myself on the upper west side of manhattan, in a four-story brownstone on a quiet high-number street, safe for kids to wander through and fill it with noise. Think: Pottery Barn and Antropology. Deep wineo reds and burnt oranges and then navy blues and off-white stripes. Hearty wooden floors, wicker baskets, white chipping paint, I am American, without the roosters. I am modern, but I need the comfort. Mahoghany kitchen tables with butter and jelly in its creases. The art on the walls should say "I am cultured and down to earth, but I don't care enough to take action on what I have learned." I am organized and clean. I appear simple through the arrangement of colors I provide, but I know the complex. Oh and the bannister bottom should be somewhat well-polished. Exposed beams would be great as well, but there is nothing more important than a polished bannister bottom to welcome visitors.