Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Making connections

So, I've decided to try something new. Inspired by the altruistic spirit of others, I've decided to network for the purpose of connecting my networks to each other...

I met this girl named Jen Stevens at a BBQ and discovered that she had joined the Peace Corp where she was put in charge of running a radion station in Guatemala to promote equal rights for women. The stories she shared about her trip were far more inspiring than any conversation I've ever had at any summer BBQ, so naturally her profile stuck in my mind.

Later in the summer, I attended another summer BBQ, where I met one of my dad's friends, who's son is into the music business and has a unique specialty of promoting underground artists in South and Central America. hrmm...

So, I am going to make the connection sometime this week, as soon as the friends of friends give me their emails!

Another connection: My mom's friend's son is a resident physician somewhere in New York. He's much older and has made his way up through the trudges of hospital rotations, and even helped write a survival guide on how to get through residency in New York. I've forwarded the guide to my friends who are in their first year of rotations in a hospital in New York, but it would be great if they could all meet, and then my friends could get the support and a figure that they could look up to... other than the head resident who is telling them to empty bed pans.

Last, I have decided to push others into completing their own projects. My room mate is an amazing story teller and an aspiring screenwriter, and I've encouraged her to continue writing. After learning of my consistent project endeavors, she had made a conquest to aquire a second monitor through her company, claiming that she would accomplish more at work. Only one week later she did, and just now she admitted that finding miscellaneous projects is engaging and makes time seem like she is accomplishing so much more. And I couldn't agree more.

That is why I continue these assignments without direction. I am my own boss, I am being proactive and it is benefiting someone--sometimes not even me, but if it's benefiting somebody, that I benefit as well.