Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Project is in Layout, birds are singing, but no one is flying

Good Evening! After (counting on fingers) 6 months of research and writing and treating people to lunch for their efforts, I have finally seen the Margarita Project in layout and it's beautiful. We paint a picture and set up the campaign about two surfers trying to get to Margarita and then we still maintain the informational "take us seriously, this is real" bit. There are some minor editorial changes, but we are pretty much prepared to disk release this puppy by the end of the week. How is it, though, that as soon as we are ready to release this to the public, Jetblue, our initial targeted audience, decides to tank from their frequent expansion. Fortunately we wrote this piece with all US carriers in mind. Jetblue was just our ideal prime example, having just expanded from the US Caribbean to the British Virgin Islands (International).

The next step is to challenge my client to his homework assignment, which was making connections with these airline companies. I, myself, have made some connections, and hope to leverage that to my best ability, but let's face it, I am no account person.

And I've moved on to other potential long-term projects. Needless to say, I didn't win the Marlboro contest. It was my pathetic spree of lottery that resulted in a very familiar ending. But I have thought of some exciting new ventures...

During some market research that had nothing to do with this topic (the most enlightening ideas emerge this way), someone had mentioned that if hospitals had invested in free long-term asthma treatment for uninsured patients, they would save moeny spent on emergency in-patient hospital care that is part of the obligation that they can't refuse service to anyone. So basically, if an uninsured patient was controlled on their long-term therapy, then they wouldn't be admitted to the hospital as much, because they would have fewer asthma attacks.

But many of you who are insured are possibly thinking that it's not fair that an uninsured patient gets this kind of free treatment. But think of things this way, the hospital is saving money, so they can help people like you get the best treatment you can get and the uninsured patient is getting therapy that will help save their life. And also, this plan applies to inner city and County hospitals, where a majority of the patients coming in are uninsured.

So my plan is to somehow expose this truth to physicians, so that maybe they can re-evaluate how they can do things better. I plan to execute this on a hospital by hospital basis and promote this in a, I don't know, brochure??? I definitely see how this can be successful, but I really need a mentor to see how I can benefit from this on a monetary standpoint.

I've given you my "pro bono publico" project and now I will tell you my self-benefiting project. Recently, I've been exploring the possibility of the part-time MBA, only because I need a mentor or more information on how to carry through these projects more effectively. So, naturally, I looked up my company benefits and discovered that they don't have ANY tuition reimbursement programs. So this project would simply be to convince whoever I need to to offer such a program.

In the meantime, I have found the perfect program to enroll in. Baruch's Business school is both a reputable and inexpensive program that offers what I need. To ensure that business school is right for me, I am attending this World MBA tour, a college fair for grad school, which includes seminars given by professors, grad students and alumni by various schools around the world. Baruch is hosting the New York fair, so I am going for the sole purpose to find out what the hell I need to do next. My plan is to bring my brochure and pitch my progress and see if anyone can genuinely tell me, whether business school is the answer and what program I need to be in. I don't even know that. What would my major be? Marketing? Entrepreneurship? General Management? You understand my concern?

Also on my agenda for this weekend is the second annual Gym Day, where my friends and I wake up early Saturday morning, and go to the Chelsea Piers gym, all day. We fit in as many classes as possible and take advantage of the pool, climbing wall, boxing ring, basketball court, spa. We do it all, and we don't leave until 8PM.

With all this said, you may wonder where I find time for my job. This is all extraciricular and I actually work a lot, often until 7 or 8PM, but I still love it. My review is coming up, so I'll let you know how well I'm doing. Often times one's perspective is different than another, so even though I'm not worried about how much I've contributed to my team, there is always that measure of perspective that I have to consider. I hope I do well. It pains me to know that pharmaceutical advertising has a high turnover, because I want to work with my team for as long as possible.

One more update before I sign off. I was previously on a mission to find this series of photos by the artist Bill Ravenesi. Well I found the artist, by actually calling him and speaking to him, he told me what book to find the photos, and I had received the book and just had the photos altered and preserved to hang up on my wall. I just have to find frames for them.

I am in a happy place. Projects are wrapping up, assessments are being made and I am thrilled to have an audience that will listen to my babble. I try to update you on the latest, but if I forgot to mention something, please ask, and I will personally address it. Cheers.