Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogger messed up

So far the plan is to get an 'as needed' charter flight going by April, when windsurfing season begins in Margarita, and should it do well, the charter will merge into a regularly scheduled weekly flight.

I've been speaking with Blue Star Jets and they're sending me quotes for both 50 and 100 person planes. The issue is that we really want to start with a 50 person plane, but a plane that small rarely flies that far in one direct flight, so we may have to invest in a plane twice the size...

[My apologies for the lack of response. For the first time, my blog was lost on the server and I was only able to salvage the excerpt above. Moving on]

...So, as suspected, I received a quote that was way too expensive with far too may people. A Boeing 747 holding 174 people was offered to us for a mere 150,000 round trip. I spoke kindly with Todd, the owner and as it turns out, you don't get a deal with buying in bulk, when it comes to flights, and for some reason, a smaller flight could be made available, but it wasn't offered to me. So, they're gonna rework the estimate and get back to me.

I am also trying to set up a time to speak with one of the Chief Financial Officers for Jet Blue Airways. Hopefully, he can give me some insight as to what makes the airlines industry tick. I'm still trying to figure that out.

When this is all set up, the first order of business is to get a feature article of a prowindsurfer and prokiteboarder using this package with direct flights, followed by an ad of L&L Tours. We have already contacted two of the major publications that each represent both a kiteboard and windsurf magazine. Based on statistics and reader popularity, we are going with "Windsurfing" and "Kiteboarding" magazines.

And when I say "we" I mean myself plus the newest free member of our team, PR manager, Shilpa Patel. Shilpa has worked in PR for a while, and her ideas and connections with various creative outlets will be a tremendous asset to our team.

We met briefly last weekend, and she is already throwing out tv commercials and web ideas, so Im really confident in the marketing back that we will have.

I'm really tired, but I wanted to give you an update, and let you know how things are going.
My review has been rescheduled to this Friday. My fingernails are officially gone.

IDEAS: In an earlier article, I had mentioned my recommendation of investing in Harlem, and I still back that up. In fact, my latest passion is buying a boarded up/gutted brownstone on 145th Street for 200K (does it still exist) and renovating it for a rewarding hobby. And when I find the means to buy it, then I will, but for now, I am prone in Jersey City, saving and digging myself out of destitute and grandiose fantasy.