Friday, December 28, 2007

Hitting too close to home

I'm sitting in the study hall of the Boston Public Library updating my time entry and I just realized, I haven't been here in two or three years. This used to be my weekend retreat for long-term high school projects and my spring break in college, when I fell behind on my senior project. This is also where I wrote much of my freelance work and many blog entries when I was living at home and working at Community Boating in the 2005 summer season. It is one of the few places in Boston, where graduate students working on their dissertation are found sitting next to homeless bums counting their loose change. Surprisingly, their are a few more places where you'll find this.

Yesterday's news about Benazir Bhutto's violent death really struck me. It was inspiring to have a leader in that area who was a liberal democrat and who's serenity gave hope for at least one peaceful solution among many. Now I'm not so sure, but any sudden stirs like this makes me flinch, because I feel like my safety is now a little less definite... regardless of what's going on in Iraq.

I really wish I had a better handle of what's going on in all foreign affairs. I'll be the first to admit that I really don't, but I know who the leaders are and what thinks of them, so that should be a good start.

I plan on making a better effort to find that out, especially because the primary is not too far away, an I've recently realized that people in other countries have a better handle of the candidates than I do.

...what a boring post.