Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hear me wrong

Let me correct you already. The absence of blogging doesn't necessarily mean the absence of brain activity. No. The longer pause between posts should prompt the anxiety of something more exciting than before that awaits the time to stop the presses and document it.

This post will be a splurge of past stories, which brings inspiration for current ideas...

I have always been mesmorized by what Philly calls "indie living." Indie, shorter for independent began as a term for off-label music, and later attached itself as a name for the hipster-dressed people that heard the music. A wave of independence took off from there. Suddenly, listening to off-label music also meant disbanding ones self from the government, and taking under the table jobs, while paying rent month by month in cash. and pretty soon as witnessed from what I coined as the oddest birthday party ever, this break down started to spread in the way that they used household items and utensils. I went to this birthday party, when I was in college.

Someone brought a bottle of wine and a blueberry pie, from what I understand was stolen from fresh grocer, for whatever anarchist reason. I looked around. Utensils were hung decoratively in silk ribbon over the sink, and funky wine glasses lined the window sills. I was in a circle of friends, who were passing the blueberry pie around, and each person took a handful and ate from their hands. The wine bottle was moving in the opposite direction as each person took a swig in a communal fashion. The birthday girl had a stenciling of a chair tattooed on her upper arm, because, well in indie life, there is no needed reason for anything. I'm a pretty liberal person, but when it comes to organized living, I have extreme OCD. My room mate put the dishes away last week and I had to reorganize them, because they were in the wrong place. Tall cups first, then the short cups, so you can see what you have. But I missed the freeness that indie life bestowed upon me. We went to some free music shows and I could jump up and down with my eyes closed, while holding my nose, and doing the macerena and no one would say anything. I longed for this and went to Philly last week to fill my script for nonsense.

So, while in Philly, we went to this club and saw the last ten minutes of Club Lyfestile Dance Squad, which is this dance group which is something out of a Spike Jonz music video minus the dance talent. The theme of the club was New Year's 3008/general futuristic, and people were wearing those sparkley glasses that said 3008 on them. It was strange, but the music was really good. Electronica, naturally. I could dance however I wanted, because there were indie people there, who were dancing far worse.

--switch gears--

So this story begins with an impromptu hannukah party that I had. I started telling everyone that I support any holiday where food is the main focus, especially greasy food. At the time I was dating someone who had to work through the hannukah season without eating his mom's cooking. So I decided to make latkes, very difficult, and invited my friends to bring food as well. I didn't know what music to play, so I looked up hannukah on the online radio and a few israeli stations showed up. I played them and heard this song that was actually in french, not hebrew. It was Yael Naim singing, but I didn't know who she was yet. A few months passed by and I was due for making a mixed CD for my friends. About twice a year, I trade mixed CDs with my friends and that's how I discover good music. I made a crappy CD and thank goodness I forgot to bring it, because a month later I discovered Yael Naim's music again. She was on La Journal, singing Brittney Spears' Toxic, and then her song was in a commercial. Her music was so inspiring, I made a whole new mixed CD and sent it to everyone I knew. It included these songs:

1. Tears dry on their own-Amy Winehouse
2. Valerie (acoustic)-Amy Winehouse
3. Rehab-Amy Winehouse
4. You know I'm no good-Amy Winehouse
5. Die alone-Ingrid Michaelson
6. The way I am-Ingrid Michaelson
7. Breakable-Ingrid Michaelson
8. New Soul-Yael Naim
9. Breathe me-Sia
10. Brand new key-Melanie
11. Little bit of me-Melanie
12. Chariot-Page France
13. Sea of love-Cat Power
14. Don't wanna fall in love-Jane Child
15. We don't have to take our clothes off-Shalamar
16. Going whichever way the wind blows-Pete Droge

...and somehow listening to this CD made me reconsider my life values. I should have called this CD "Dharma Bums" because it had similar effects. I asked myself why I'm so focused on paying off my debt. I haven't really been able to enjoy the result of my successes. The answer was in paying off debt, I can eventually live without debt in my mind, and I'd be more able to get a loan so I can buy a house and bury myself in more debt, grownup, socially acceptable middle class debt. It was then that I decided that paying off my debt can wait. I decided to go on vacation. The first two weeks of April, I'm going to London and Paris. I'm meeting my friend, Emily, in London then traveling to Paris to visit family friends and see Yael Naim in concert.

The aggressive plan of paying off my debt will continue when I come back and I still want to pay off school by the end of this year. And the goal to get out of New Jersey and into Manhattan by the end of this year still stands. But this vacation is necessary, because it will remind me what lifestyle I'm saving for.

--switch switch--

So a month goes by, and suddenly i have a busy schedule ahead of me. Some future dates I need to keep in mind:

March 1: Go to Boston to get my taxes done. I'm prepared this year, almost.

March 8: Climbing Comp at Chelsea Piers. I don't climb anymore, but for $25, I get to climb at Chelsea Piers and loads of sponsored giveaways like climbing apparel and gear, red bull, designer khadejha shirts that I can't even order online, and day gym passes that fund "gym days" for me and my friends throughout the year.

March 14-18: I have to keep these dates open for the asthma convention, in case I need to go. if not, then Palm Sunday/St Patty's day falls on this weekend.

March 29-April 12: London/Paris trip

--guess what--

I finally found a screenprinting lab that i can work out of. I'll admit, I haven't been actively searching that whole time I've been here, but I plan on joining for the Summer semester, that way I can go a few days during the week after work, since work isn't as busy during that time. The name of the lab is Manhattan Graphics Center.

Since I have to sign up on an hourly basis, I was thinking that I'll do all the preliminary drawing work at home and that way I can only use the lab time when I need it. I'm very excited about this. Ive already come up with some great ideas. In fact, I want to do a bunch of pieces and maybe have an art show. Not just any art show...a fake art show. After taking design courses in school, I've come to realize that art is interpretive. I've been to some funky art shows, where I saw people gawk at splattered paint on a wall that could have easily taken 10 seconds to make. So my art show will really be a test for the viewers. Am I a legend that studied for twenty years to define splattering paint on the wall, or am I a writer who doesn't know gauche from crayola? And I'm going to invite my friends, who are also artists at heart, without the serious banter, to display their work.

...just came back from Utrecht, and we're definitely having an art show.

There are more things on my list that I can't get to. I was gonna describe a light installation and... some other ideas. I'm purchasing a Rah Crawford artwork, some random person sent me stamps, I'm making another mixed CD of only electronic music, and my next post will be (yay) a literary essay about how marketing has changed the English language. But I'm burnt out on writing so I'm done.