Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pure Rubbish

So I've been kind of busy, and...I had to post this essay, but it's complete rubbish, because I've been so preoccupied with other things. I actually did write the marketing essay too, but it was so terrible, that i opted to rewrite it.

Is a routine formula the best way to go?

Is getting in the groove of a daily routine really the healthy way to live? My friend told me that one of his biggest weaknesses is not being a creature of habit and being unable to follow a routine. I didn't think that was necessarily a bad thing. Especially since he was explaining why he was never a heavy smoker.

Think of an empty house lined in wall-to-wall white carpet. And the furniture going on this white carpet, and the grooves that the entertainment unit digs into the white carpet, and the bookshelf in the corner that weighs down the left side more than the right.

And in this house, the only connection between the front door and the kitchen is this white carpet. So after a few years, a natural trail has been cleared away. And maybe at night, the children in this house sneak potato chips under the couch.

And when you move, you remove the furniture and realize how much of a groove you got yourself into.

If you take the rug up from its tacks, and bring it outside and analyze it, you’ll realize that you have put yourself in such a routine that natural fibers are having trouble withstanding your habits.

And physically how can you withstand yourself? Every time you wake up at 6AM to trek to the gym, your body has had it.

I think the reason why we long for school, when we’ve been out of it for so long during the summer, and the reason why we eventually wish for a snow day is because we’re tired of routine and need a change.

We’re naturally hoping for new opportunities and experiences and too often excuse the trail in the rug for the sacrifice you make for family values. I reject that excuse. Every step through life should be another opportunity to tread a different portion of the rug, and stop the violence against yourself which are the habits you’ve incurred along the years, both healthy and not.

And even if you’re habits are considered healthy, consider that after forty years of eating the same shit, and doing the same exercises it is recommended that most people get a colonoscopy to clean out their dilapidated system, and a full physical to make sure the definitely permanent long-term damage is known.

I discredit habit and encourage all to walk over to the bookshelf once in a while, and then maybe check behind the entertainment unit and see just what’s going on back there. Probably nothing. But you don’t know that.