Thursday, March 06, 2008

Red Roses and Petrol

This is the name of the next film I want to see. The preview depicts a combined drama and slapstick comedy set in Ireland...and the title is very clever.

Anyway, this is nothing but an update blog.

It's tough to keep up a literary blog, when one is a writer for a living. I would write more often, but sometimes after work, I am so burnt out, I just want to watch crappy tv that doesn't induce thinking. Last week, a storm cut out our cable and I came home and watched the blank screen for an hour before realizing it.

So, I have applied for a scholarship at the Manhattan Graphics Center. I have no expectations of getting it, but the recipient gets to attend any of the art classes, unlimited time in the print lab and a $100 stipend for supplies. I don't really see this as a scholarship but rather entering in a contest. If I don't get the scholarship, I'm still going to join in the summer, so I can work in the lab and create.

I finally purchased a painting by Rah Crawford called Mystik Gardenz. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to buy his work, and his increasing fame wasn't making it any easier, so I gave in and it's arriving next week.

Mystik Gardenz
by Rah Crawford

I also recently found out that he will start filming a movie with Jesse Martin and James Gandolfini, so his stock is pretty high, and I doubt I'll ever get this opportunity again.

--the randoms--

Switching gears, the random person who sent me stamps was my sister's boyfriend. Apparently, it came up that I used to collect stamps, and he just happened to have some stamps to spare, so he sent them to me with a pen name in the return address, so I would be surprised...and I was. I thought that someone was sending me anthrax.

The electronica mixed CD I'm going to make will include these songs:

Do it again- Chemical Brothers
D.A.N.C.E.- Justice
Love Today- Mika
Can I kick it- A tribe called quest
Calabria 2007- Enur

and a few other songs whose names I haven't found out yet.

The marketing essay probably won't happen. The passion's gone. I just wanted to convey that the English language has since been filled with adjectives coined by brand names...and some are brand names. I think I used "bootylicious" as an example...oh well.

My French is improving rapidly. I forgot how much I learned over the years (there's a quote) and how much I remembered.

I got my taxes done this weekend, and my accountant sasid I was the first person he heard say "This was fun." I'm getting a convenient hefty check this year from the feds, woohoo!

I also saw a great movie this weekend, La vie en rose. When watching the oscars, I found out about this movie and my first reaction was "How come I never heard about this before?" It's a film about Edith Piaf's life, and I'm a huge fan of hers. The movie was phenomenal. I was balling the entire time.

Oh, I may have already mentioned this, but in May, I'm selling all of my windsurfing gear at a flea market in the Hamptons. My eyes watered a little bit after making this decision, because I'm abandoning this past that was apart of me for so long. I still love windsurfing, but if I want to move to Manhattan, then there will be no more room for my gear. Also, I need a car to transport it to the water, and whenever I go windsurfing, I rent anyway. It will still be sad to see my stuff go, but I'm guessing I'll bring in around 2 grand for it, which I can't complain about.

My climbing competition is on Saturday. Wish me luck!