Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to Life

I'm back on my regular schedule that I was protesting before I left. I kept saying to myself that I really needed a vacation, but now that I realized how changed I am, let me exclaim that I really needed this vacation. I think most of my emotional change took place when I first decided to book this trip, but the internal change that I experienced was a complete physical detox that consisted of 2 straight weeks of 8 hour-a-night sleep, healthy food and constant exercise. Before I left, long work weeks sent me into a spiral of lack of sleep, eating takeout and not working out so I could sleep in more. A week later, I noticed that my best fit dress pants were more than a little tight. Now that I'm back, my pants fit fine and I'm more focused during work and geared toward waking up early for my daily run and gym activities. Also, now that I have my pictures from my trip, I can get started on my summer art project (fake art show). I did not get the scholarship, but I still plan to join the Manhattan Graphic Center and create the ideas I have documented in my little Kurt Vonnegut notebook.

Speaking of that notebook, while on my trip, I was overtired the first few nights but later had the best rest in a long time, and had the most interesting lucid dream ever. It was like a movie, and it was so suspenseful that when I woke up in the middle of it, I was determined to fall asleep again and leave off exactly where I left off, and for once in my life, it worked! I was able to continue my dream, and I finished the story.

I am so determined to document this that every morning after the gym, I write some more of the story down in my Kurt Vonnegut notebook. When I'm finished, sometime, when I haven't written in a while and I feel guilty, I'll pull out my story and redeem myself.

I just wish I had more time. My schedule is usually as follows:
5:30AM wake up and go to the gym--iPod time on train, run for 30 minutes, lift for 30 minutes
7:30AM eat toast with butter and jelly
8:30AM go to work--notebook time on train, usually reserved for reading or listening to French tapes
Lunch: chicken, dried fruit and nuts, peppers, green beans or broccoli with ranch dressing
7:30-8ish come home, clean, blog, watch Law and Order, eat chicken, time should be reserved for art stuff, happy hours and editing my imprompt essays
10PM sleep (I usually push it til 10:30)

Routine and boring, I know, but I like to get a lot accomplished in the week and this is the best way for me to do it.

I was trying to go see that play that I mentioned in the last post "Minus 30 million words". it's tomorrow, but the Obama-Clinton debate is tomorrow, and Thursday is a Sox-Yankees game, and I'm going to Pat O'Briens bar to celebrate the known victory with other sox fans.

Ok, I have some work to do...ciao.