Monday, April 21, 2008

Losing hope is easy

Writing becomes useless if there's nothing to say, but my art project will soon be underway, which will leave little to no time to document what's being done. This is the calm before the storm. since I have made little progress, I will show you a little bit about the process of what this project will entail.

Step 1: Take photos of high contrast images with a particular idea in mind of how the imae will be arranged on canvas.

Step 2: Load photos into photoshop and adapt the images so they are highest in contrast. Print out saved images.

Step 3: Copy printed image and adjust size to ideal canvas size

Step 4: Use myelin or acetate to color in the needed areas with india ink, using the print out as a guide. May need to do multiple times depending on the number of layers

Step 5: Burn emulsion screens and let to dry

Step 6: One layer at a time, screenprint the image onto canvas.

This is the basic idea of the process of each of the projects, and I know I won't always get it right the first time, but i intend to try.

Not many other updates. I plan on adapting the union square pillow fight bit into something for the literary review, but that's when I find more time. All will most likely be solved when I move into Manhattan, where my gym, grocery store, and launromat are all within walking distance. I am counting down the days, and I've already started talking to an agent about it.

One thing at a time. Art first, and I'm tring not to lose hope. I know I can create great things. I think I might have before.