Monday, June 16, 2008

Giving is all of the fun

It turns out that only some of my equipment sold, but I really see this as a blessing, because this was a great opportunity to give back to a community that gave me so much. I gave the rest of my windsurfing equipment to Community Boating, and it was the best decision I made in a while. Donating to Community Boating is like buying a genuinely happy moment. If you give money, you see immediately what is being improved to the program. If you give your time, you see first-hand how teaching someone how to sail impacts their lives. And if you give windsurfing equipment to CBI, you get the most sincere thank you, and the equipment is rigged up and becomes the highlight of the week that members can't live without. I almost feel like I'm always getting more out of giving than CBI is, because their gratitude is priceless.

It's a good feeling.

So, I may have spoken too soon, when I exclaimed that no one is publishing my essays. After I submitted numerous entries, the Wilderness House Literary Review has accepted two of them for their Summer volume (The non-fiction section), after many revisions of course. My raw material is too slack for them--or rather not well written enough. The editor said that it's not my best work, but it made it. Still, I am thrilled. The Summer volume will be posted within the week on the following web site:

So other than the above, my life is pretty boring. The making connections segment might restart again very soon. Remember? I've had this ongoing project to network and make a connection between two people that I know, without directly benefiting myself. My benefit is knowing that I'm capable of connecting people, and justification that I'm somewhat of an altruistic person.

I'm just on this kick that when you help others, their lives change. And if you help only yourself, you really don't get very far, because you've only promoted yourself, which doesn't leave much of a footprint. I want my existence to matter, and I want to ensure that my life actions affect others for the positive. Ok, Ciao.